Wednesday, 8 July 2015


DPAC joined by:

Class War, Streets Kitchen,  Black Dissidents,

London Latinxs, Columbian Women in Action,
Occupy, Brick Lane Debates, Winvisible, London Black Revs, Reclaim Hackney, Camden Resists, Never Again Ever & others


Balls to the Budget


Wednesday 8th July, 10.30 am

Downing St

Just to confirm that the tube strike planned for July 8th will not start until 9.30 pm so it will not affect people who may need to travel to this event by tube.
Big balls, small balls, footballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, handballs, rubber balls, plastic balls, flour balls, paint balls, canon balls, beachballs, hairballs, furballs, glitter balls, gumballs, basketballs, garlic balls, initialed balls, personalised balls.
Top: Picture of Osborne Looking sad, text "Sorry George DPAC's gonna get you", Bottom: DPAC Logo text "Wednesday 8th July, 10.30, Downing St, DPAC - We'll be back"
Poster by Still Oaks
Get creative.
Balls to austerity;
Balls to taking our rights;
Balls to taking our jobs;
Balls to cutting our services;
Balls to bankers bonuses;
Balls to cutting the ILF;
Balls to Met Police;
Balls to cuts to Access to Work;
Balls to cuts to Social Care;
Balls to the Bedroom Tax;
Balls to Workfare & Sanctions;
Balls to Forced Treatments;
Balls to Maximus, Atos & PIP;
Balls to Child Poverty & inequality;
Balls to low pay & exploiting workers;
Balls to anti-homless laws;
Balls to stifling protest;
Balls to migrant bashing, racism & Islamophobia;
Balls to cuts to Housing, Education, NHS, Legal Aid, Womens Refuges, CAMHS and much much more.
Then, afterwards – We Are Going Back.

11.30 The Lobby, House of Commons.

Bring balls.

Online: Twitter from 10.30 am till yer tweeting fingers wear out

Take part online by using and sharing: #Balls2TheBudget
There is a tweetlist you can use here:

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