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Noam Chomsky's Magna Carta Eco-Village by Nick Rosen — Kickstarter please support this DONATE #onn #olsx

Noam Chomsky's Magna Carta Eco-Village by Nick Rosen — Kickstarter

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please support this DONATE

About the Project
This is a film about how and why people choose to live off grid. It is both passionate about our Civil Liberties and highly informative about exactly how to live Off-Grid in comfort and style. 
Larger donors get a guided tour of an off-grid location.  Noam Chomsky has backed this project and gives a detailed interview in the film.
Runnymede Eco-Village started three years ago on disused land next door to the historic field where the Magna Carta was sealed by King John.  It is now a successful, vibrant, growing community. However, the off-gridders were suddenly targeted by police and developers in the runup to the Magna Carta celebrations in June 2015.
We had already been filming there for the past three months and expect the finished film to be released in September 2015.  Some larger backers will be invited to a press screening with Producer, Director and some of the characters present in the room.
MIT Professor Noam Chomsky has endorsed the Village. In the trailer you see him talking about the eco-village as a symbol of the battle to save the environment.
By juxtaposing their story with the 800th Magna Carta anniversary, we raise issues about personal freedom and society's rejection of a lifestyle that harms no-one and can help our planet, and our civilisation survive. 
The Village has already had media coverage - but nobody has told the story from the inside over an extended period, with key interviews from all the players as well as local History professor Justin Champion, one of the world's leading experts on the Magna Carta. These are real people with lives and jobs, hopes and dreams - we are grateful to all of them for helping us.
TV wants primped and preened "perfect families" or dumbass survivalists to be mocked in a reality series.
Our hope is that when you watch this film you will think: "I could live like that - I want to live like that!"

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