Tuesday, 14 July 2015

About | Real Media - The News You Don't See #olsx #onn #media #democracy #protest

About | Real Media - The News You Don't See

“The political and media cycle is no longer discussing subjects of public importance like fracking, disabled people’s rights, improving working conditions and pay or environmental solutions. We need to take back the national debate.”


Real Media is a cooperative of journalists dedicated to public interest journalism and challenging mass media distortion.
We believe the large media organisations, as they currently exist, are set up to serve the interest of a small establishment – their owners, their advertisers and the governments that they get most of their information from.


We intend to stand up for public interest journalism in as many ways we can.  As an organisation we intend to grow and adapt as we try and meet these objectives.
We are starting with our online presence, specifically this website.
On our website we currently have:
  • An automated news feed that brings together news from the best alternative sources on the net
  • A features section of comment and analysis where we try to bring together the best in depth pieces
  • A breaking news section where we try to present the most interesting and useful sources on breaking news, as well as covering stories that are being largely ignored
  • A Movements Calendar – protests, meetings, gatherings, occupations, fundraisers, comedy nights – the events you need in your diary
  • Our own productions – video, audio and writing – where we tackle the black box of news (subjects barely covered by the mass media), media criticism, and discussing social movements in the UK and beyond.
We promote some of this through our social media channels on facebook, twitter and youtube.


  • A Mobile App – get Real Media on your phone
  • More videos, podcasts and articles from the Real Media team
  • A press release page which enables organisations to craft their press releases online and have us send them to the relevant news organisations
  • More public events
Do you have any other suggestions? Contact us here

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