Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hastings epic eviction battle grannies take to dinghies get there, network it

Eviction of Decoy Pond Camp continues today (30 Jan). Locals planning "Grannies Dinghy" action in flooded fields on Sat (2 Feb).

NEWSFLASH BBC News - Squatting law challenged by Powys woman

BBC News - Squatting law challenged by Powys woman
Awesome a legal challenge to this draconian ,unjust,unfair,undemocratic and arbitry law.
All power to the LEGAL CHALLENGE

Monday, 28 January 2013

Land and Liberty event feb 4th

Land and Liberty: How we found our patch of land.

Are you looking for land to grow food in London, or interested in the history and practice of land rights?

Come along to Pogo Cafe on the 4th of February to share stories and ask questions about accessing land for food growing in London. Member organisations from the Community Food Growers Network will be joined by Rebecca Marshall of the Community Land Advisory Service to share their insights and experiences on various ways to access land in urban areas, and the trials and tribulations of the different models.

The event will include some background to the issues and a look at the future of accessing land for community based horticulture projects, as well as a participatory open space where you can ask questions and seek advice.

Food will be available by donation. Event will be 7pm – 10pm on the 4th February at Pogo’s Cafe, 76 Clarence Road, Hackney, E5 8HB

URGENT Repeal new squatting law (section 144 legal aid bill) - e-petitions NETWORK THIS ALL NETWORKS

Repeal new squatting law (section 144 legal aid bill) - e-petitions

This is a squash campign to repeal the last unjust,undemocratic and arbitry law that criminalised the homeless and squatters.
It is a push back against the begin of an Early Day Motion 912 to criminalise squatting in commercial premises.

Hastings tree protest eviction happening now tunnel and tree crew resisting

Eviction of Decoy Pond Camp has begun. Activists peacefully resisting in tunnels and trees. This is just the beginning! 9.54am.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

URGENT RAISE AWARENESS of early attempt to criminalise more people for sheltering themselvesEarly day motion 912 - COMMERCIAL SQUATTING - UK Parliament

 URGENT RAISE AWARENESS of early attempt to criminalise more people for sheltering themselves.
in some of the UKs 1.4 million empty and unused buildings.
Early day motion 912 - COMMERCIAL SQUATTING - UK Parliament
....Maybe it should read , this house questions if anyone would actually be homeless if we used the 1.4 million empty buildings for homes and creating jobs............lets talk solutions ,

Homes for Alll  ...Homes not Jails .....time for a bigger housing and land action movement,building alliances and networks across all the groups and campaigns  affected by the cuts and the manufactured austerity.......
Keep networking viva the resistance......Occupy Everywhere .... whatever they say squatting will stay.....

ATTENTION: SQUATTING WILL STAY. MEET TOMORROW 6PM @ colorama against motion to criminalise squatting in non residential buildings


Hastings alert

EVICTION EXPECTED TOMMOROW.Decoy Pond camp preparing to resist.More people needed.Get down tonight/early morning to help defend the trees and camp.CHD 1400

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brufut party benefit for Gambian education project tonight network it

Party 4 brufut gambian education project, 2 nyt, fluff, pastaman, c3b, bushdoctor ft. Mc ishu, wombcorps an trishna i.. Plus performers... 9pm info on 07500253279... Pass it on, 1 love

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hastings tree protest call out

URGENT: Help resist the eviction of Decoy Pond Camp in Combe Haven Hastings on Mon 28 Jan. Get 20 people together on Sat and we'll provide a bus for free!

Hakuna Matata party sat 26 jan

SAT 26January
Quality music, Beautiful decor, Funktion1 Sound & Amazing Venue secured!
£10 All Night
Info 07581603613
Pass it on to your friends!

Community libraries: guidance from the Arts Council - Press release - Inside Government - GOV.UK

Community libraries: guidance from the Arts Council - Press release - Inside Government - GOV.UK
Or how to sell off all your public services and get people to run them for free........more from Pickles the plonker and the Tory Tyrants

One Barnet Referendum Petition - Council faces massive resistance to their privatise everything policy

Monday, 21 January 2013

Community ownership of public buildings | Guardian Social Enterprise Network

 Community ownership of public buildings | Guardian Social Enterprise Network

Dub Cafe Fri 25th Jan at Friern Barnet Liberated Library

For one night only, The Dub Cafe N11. A chilled space where reggae music will combine deliciously with freshly brewed coffee and cakes. Come along, kickback and reflect on how cool life is with a beer or coffee in one hand and reggae in the ear.  Dub Cafe will also showcase local musicians (& belly dancing!). Friday, January 25th, 7-11pm. Free (donations to FBL welcomed).
Friern Barnet Library Friern barnet Rd N11 3 DS

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hastings road protest lifts from brighton Sunday network it

Hii forward this message to people who might be interested: People urgently needed at combe haven anti road camp tomorrow to build defences and resist on Monday. The Big Lemon are running a free bus, from The Level at 9.30am with the return leaving at 3.30pm. unlimited places : text 07766 335506 to book a seat. Bring kit to stay the night if you can xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

URGENT UK government Tyrrany Part 2 Early day motion 912 - COMMERCIAL SQUATTING - UK Parliament

Early day motion 912 - COMMERCIAL SQUATTING - UK Parliament

The attempted, further criminalisation of people who live in empty and unused buildings is pushed further again by the undemocratic,unfair arbitrary  corporatocracy,that claims to be our democracy.

This is actually a major assault on our rights to protest.Because squatting is used in  many protest situations.
It is the final enclosure acts closing in...........
homeless on the streets in a housing crisis while 1.4 million buildings lie empty.
feel a big rant coming up and lots of direct action, networking and alliance building.
Enuf is enuf ya .....Basta
But the people will unite .......its time to reclaim our right
...To shelter ,food and water, we all share the earth together.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Eviction resistance 9 am fri 18th jan kings cross

Eviction resistence 14 roger street off greys inn road 9am 2morrow morning! Please can u pass this onto the network.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bexhill/Hastings anti-road camp eviction started! - UK Indymedia- Tunnel and 2 treehouses hold out.

Bexhill/Hastings anti-road camp eviction started! - UK Indymedia

Latest is reports of 5 arrests,two trees and tunnel remain occupied.
For latest updates get on Coombe Haven defenders text list.

Monday, 14 January 2013



(nearest Tube Arnos Grove or New Southgate BR. or 43 bius to outside.)
7pm Doors Open Performance 8-11pm

Stand Firm for this Local Library and all 250 Libraries being closed.
Stop the Cuts ….Save our Public Services by Taxing the Bankers and
Occupy London and Occupy Everywhere.


MC Angel
Pete the Temp
Kev KP the Poet
Cat Brogan – Winner of Edinburgh Festival Slam Poetry award,
'This Library o mine' - community show
Songlines Choir
Charlie Phoenix - Contact Juggling
Dan the accordian man.
and more .......

Compared by Phoenix the co-ordinator

Production and networking support from Archangel productions.

Earth Heart Cafe
Decor and Lights by Mad Brother Visions

and DJ Ben Ben playing Electro Swing

Suggested Donation up to £5
Keep networking,we are winning and we are Everywhere

Also next Evolution Cabaret and Party is on Fri Feb 15th 8pm till
early hours.....
Venue to be confirmed
To get more involve email

Grow Heathrow in court tomorrow jan 15th

Hi all, Grow Heathrow is back in court tomorrow. 15th jan. We've been here nearly three years! lets keep it that way. Come show your support! we will be gathering outside royal courts of justice on the strand at 9am. Dress sharp, there will be food. Look forward to seeing u there xx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Please sponsor my latest project Solutions Zone TV via Sponsume

An Internet TV programme on solutions for the Environment

Success for squatting seniors as Stille Strasse 10 reopens |

 Success for squatting seniors as Stille Strasse 10 reopens |

Squatting: Unwanted guests | The Economist

 Squatting: Unwanted guests | The Economist

Future looks brighter for Friern Barnet Library thanks to Squatters |

Great article and photos on the licence meeting with the council,that looks likely to save the library and community facility thanks to squatters and Occupy Londons 4 months of direct action and community organising.

Future looks brighter for Friern Barnet Library thanks to Squatters |

A meeting was held to discuss the details of an interim license or lease for the squatted community library in Friern Barnet.
In a groundbreaking legal ruling Judge Pearl of Friern Barnet County court,seeing the mass level of local support.( nearly 100 people tried to enter a court that could hold 40),made some significant rulings.
- first that the local authority would have to be bound to negotiate over a temporary licence for the next 6 to 18months, and that the possession order she granted could not be enacted until Feb 1st 2013.
This in squatting case terms was a major victory.
-Secondly and more significantly she upheld the occupiers European Court of Human Rights articles 10 and 11 rights to protest.
She granted the possession order only because there was a community right to bid as part of the localism act that had been submitted.
This she said may affect or bias the bid if the occupiers were left in the premises.
This ruling is now the subject of an appeal, around the rights to protest using Using ECHR articles 10 and 11.
For more information on this legal appeal and situation contact Leigh Day and Co. Solicitors and or Phoenix a defendant in the casevia
The photos are of the second licence support group meeting 10th Jan 2013 attended by over 40 local residents,squatters and Occupy London Activists.
As well as Bill Murphy representing the council.
Much was discussed about the details of a licence,and the councils position,bringing in Community Action Barnet as an 'Honest Broker 'to help the local residents and squatters to finalise the licence.
This sensible approach to community co-operation was welcomed by the squatters,who have been campaigning for a sensible dialogue on the use of the UK s 1.4 million empty buildings.
Empty Homes agency figures state that there are 930,000 empty residential buildings in the uk. Squatting in residential buildings is now punishable by up to a year in our over crowded prisons.
There are 500,000 empty commercial premises which are still legal to squat.
The squatters, throughout this four months of action have aimed to raise awareness of the undemocratic, unfair and arbitrary nature of the governments recent criminalisation of the homeless/squatters use of empty residential buildings.
Ref the Laspo act, 2012.
The library occupation has been covered by numerous paper radio and TV, locally nationally and Internationally.
Sparking further the National Libraries debate, as well as the questioning of the need for all the Public service Cuts.Which could be fully covered by a bankers tax and Corporate Tax evaders paying up (UK Uncut research)
The meeting was Covered by a bemused Japanese Journalist from the second largest paper in the world ,with a readership of 8.5 million people. What must the Japanese think of the British Culture that is closing 250 -600 libraries nationally. Denying our children and all ages this free facility.
Libraries as the occupiers state are 'Beacons of free education and knowledge and should be protected for all future generations.'
The occupation has raised the awareness of the Illegality of the government and local Authorities closing libraries they have a statutory obligation to keep open,ref 1964 Libraries Act and the recent Dept of Culture Ministry and Sport report claiming closures could be illegal.
Further info

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Info cafe free shop opens tonight

Info cafe\free shop open night with food and drinks, today (sat) frm 6pm at 9-11 macaulay rd, sw4 0qp.
Also for free shop bring clothes

Save Battersea adventure playground rally 2 pm Saturday no cuts to public services make bankers and corps pay

Sat rally at Battersea park adventure playground, 2 pm network it innit
council cuts to public services
some famous names may be coming Daley Thompson and geezer from take that.
This adventure playground has been there for the yout for 50 years.
Stop the demolition time for community action network it

Friday, 11 January 2013

Calais migrant solidarity benefit tonight

Calais migrant solidarity benefit tonight (fri) at library street social centre (se1). Sleepin bags,warm clothes,tent,money welcome4donation, no one refused. Musical acts:acoustic,hiphop,dub,reggae,etc+calais infoshop.7pm

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Solutions Zone TV Sponsorship video by phoenix network it

Please watch and sponsor our programme to network solutions for the environment.

Tree protest hots up, second Battle of Hastings underway - protestors in trees and Digger Diving

Save the Valley - Time to Join the Movement!

There are now 3 camps along the site of the propose road, tree houses have been built, tunnels dug, diggers dived, telegraph poles climbed, high altitude evictions and this is just the beginning!

Now is the chance to be part of the biggest anti-road campaign since the 1990's! The first new road to be built in the government's new programme of community green space destruction. Come do something about it!

This is for saving Combe Haven, for real democratic process to planning, for sustainable transport for the community, for anti-cuts, for Council Members listening to their community and scientific fact not falsifying job claims and representing landowners interests (shame on you Peter Jones) and getting climate change back on the agenda. Come down and camp out with us.

Everyone welcome all ages, experiences, supporters and activists alike. Together we can stop them!

Defend the defenders! Become a Legal Observer

Legal Observers needed to monitor activity of security and bailiffs at the site. There have been 12 arrests so far some have involved a lot of aggression on the part of the bailiffs, police and security teams.  Legal Observers are essential for keeping an eye on them,  making notes about what they get up to. Legal Observers are on hand to give practical advice to those experiencing difficulties with the police, hand out bust cards ( , gather witness statements of arrests and police misconduct. They are a visible reminder to the police and bailiffs that we are watching and that they will be held to account!

This is a perfect job for people who want to support the campaign but not actively demonstrate.  Local legal observers are particularly welcome. Get in contact – 07926 423 033 or combehavendefenders [at] - no prior experience needed full training and info given.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Occupy london Blog on battersea adventure playground occupation


Occupy Edinburgh Returns!New year offensive 2013 begins let the re occupations commence,we are the ones we have ben waiting for.keep networking viva the uprising

New year offensive 2013 begins let the re occupations commence,we are the ones we have ben waiting for.keep networking viva the uprising
Occupy Edinburgh Returns!

Breaking News Battersea Adventure playground Occupied Wow mums campaign for Battersea park adventure playground

Breaking news Occupy London and Wandsworth against cuts occupy Battersea adventure playground

Activists From Occupy London and Wandsworth against cuts over the weekend occupied and squatted Battersea adventure playground.
that is in danger of being closed due to the cuts more information as we get it. For more info and how u can help call 07581839580
Or check Fb group Battersea adventure playground

Everest trek photos and talk thurs may start at 8 pm now

Talk with photos from my trek to Everest Base Camp this Thurs 10th Jan 7-9pm@Occupy Friern Barnet Library. Free bt donations 2 Occupy are appreciated to keep the space running. Pls bring cushion to sit on, soft drinks, snacks. Plus songs frm ROBERT ALLWOOD and light hearted psycho geographical poetic musings from ANT THE RANT. Nos 134/43 buses take abt 20 minutes frm Highgate tube & stop nr. Free Parking outside. It's on Friern Barnet Rd (and corner of MacDonald Rd), N11 3DR.

Network it! X Kim

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Metro Swedish news paper 26oct 2012 on the squatted library

From the Stockholm Metro daily free newspaper, Friday 26 October 2012, p 28:
A number of libraries have been forced to close by the crisis in the UK. But in the London borough of Barnet help has come from an unexpected area.
It’s Ann’s first day at work, and a young man in dreadlocks is instructing the retired police officer. “You only have to sort them into groups, classics go over there”, he says.
This London library is being given a makeover; the walls are hung with banners proclaiming “Revolution” and squatters are in charge of services here.
The borough of Barnet closed the library down in September because of the cuts, despite the local population having campaigned for eight months to save their library. A few days later eight Occupy activists climbed in through an open window; they discovered the heating was on, and reopened the library. All books were gone, but local people have donated 6,000 new books.
“I used to come here every day with my son; there are no other libraries near here”, says Dorothy Nicholas, who was part of the campaign to save the library. “When the squatters opened it up again people were really grateful. And the choice of books is better now too”.
Margaret, a retired lady, has no problem with the squatters: “They’ve done an excellent job and are lovely”, she states with a smile.
Mark Weaver, the new librarian, has been involved with Occupy for a year. “This is what the Occupy movement should be doing, to support local campaigns rather than spend their time on ideologies. We can support these communities by offering a service, and have experiences of confronting the authorities”.
Hundreds of libraries are being closed down in the crisis-laden UK, and he hopes that they can help out in other places too. The group has recently managed to ensure that the library will stay open until Christmas, by winning in court against the local council. The future, however, is far from certain. A spokesperson said: “The council is under an obligation to look after its assets and will continue by all legal means to try to evict the squatters”.
Kieron Monks
Metro World Wide

Translation kindly provided by Anne Lamming

We need a coalition of resistance against local council cuts | Ted Knight | Comment is free |

We need a coalition of resistance against local council cuts | Ted Knight | Comment is free |

Will Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Be Key Tactic in 2013 Battle over Climate Change?

Will Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Be Key Tactic in 2013 Battle over Climate Change?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Friday, 4 January 2013

Eviction resistance now vauxhall

Some occupy crew in Eviction resistance now Junction off vauxhall bridge road, north side. Millbank/grosvenor rd. Call 07518944684 for better directions
Cops waiting for climbing crew to arrive, paramedics on standby, helicopter just arrived and dog unit present at resistance sw1v. Please come to show your support!

BARNET TODAY | NEWS | 'We won't give up on our library dream' | 2012

BARNET TODAY | NEWS | 'We won't give up on our library dream' | 2012

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Feds shut down shindig Happy new year keep raving ... Other parties are at

Babylon shutdown shindig despite raver resistance and an up for it crowd jumping fence and walls to get in.
Other parties check
Boogie temple psy trance is near blackhorse rd tube e17 6 al check Fb
Or multi rig techno party is at 140 hampstead rd near warren st.
Also recomend Elixir of life ,Small world
Or Whirlygig
Keep raving viva the squat party resistance keep networking love phoenix

School empty urban explore