Friday, 30 May 2014

Reset the net June 5th 2014 take back your privacy.resist mass surveillance network it

Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.

"On June 5, I will take strong steps to protect my freedom from government mass surveillance. I expect the services I use to do the same."

Fight for the Future and Center for Rightswill contact you about future campaigns.Privacy Policy

How to #ResetTheNet

The problem

The NSA is exploiting weak links in Internet security to spy on the entire world, twisting the Internet we love into something it was never meant to be: a panopticon.

The solution

We can't stop targeted attacks, but we *can* stop mass surveillance, by building proven security into the everyday Internet.

The plan

First, get hundreds of sites & apps to add proven security (like SSL). Then on June 5, we'll run a splash screen *everywhere* to spread NSA-resistant privacy tools.

What you can do, right now!

Unis'tot 'en camp indigenous resistance camp BC Canada network it send support,tar sands resistance

Unis’tot’en Camp is an indigenous re-occupation of Wet'suwet'en land in northern BC, Canada. The camp's log cabin, traditional pit house, and forest permaculture garden sit squarely in the middle of the pipeline route to the port of Kitimat. The campers are blocking the way for two proposed gas pipelines and the Enbridge Northern Gateway tarsands pipeline.

Volunteers are needed now and all year round

The camp is building permaculture gardens, a traditional pithouse, and a new bunkhouse in the path of the pipelines.

Volunteers should:
* be willing to to travel to the camp
* be able to do some physical labour
* have experience outdoors and the right gear for the weather
* respect that this movement is led by grassroots indigenous people

The Summer Caravan to Unis'tot'en Camp leaves July 13 from the South Coast and returns July 22.


Four years ago, grassroots members of the Wet'suwet'en people of northern BC (western Canada) learned about the oil and gas pipeline projects being planned to cross their territory without permission.They set up a "soft blockade" to keep out the corporations and started building a camp and permanent homes in the pipeline route.

The camp is 1000 km north of Vancouver, BC. A large log cabin and a wall tent house the defenders and volunteers. More homes are under construction. The oil and gas representatives and police have made several forays into the territory, but so far they have avoided starting a confrontation.

For more information, please visit the Unis'tot'en Camp homepage and join the Caravan to Unis'tot'en page on Facebook. Or call Zoe at 250-813-3569. Thank you!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wise isles rainbow gathering after summer solstice in Wales. Info on link below network it

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The petition the government tried to ban Nato military exercises are due to take place in Ukraine in July stop the war coalition

Stop the War

The petition the government tried to ban

Nato military exercises are due to take place in Ukraine in July. UK troops will be deployed as part of Nato's Rapid Trident manoeuvres. This is a dangerous move that will inevitably escalate an already tense situation.

On the 7 May Stop the War, along with CND and a number of politicians and celebrities, submitted a petition to the government's e-petition web site in order to initiate a debate in parliament and bring a stop to this dangerous escalation. Three weeks passed and the government refused to publish the petition, even when the Leader of the House of Commons' office intervened on our behalf. Today we went to the press, contacting all the major news outlets. As soon as journalists began phoning the Ministry of Defence, the government backed down and published the petition.

Sign the petition the government tried to ban. Let's collect 100,000 signatures and stop this dangerous escalation of war.

No to Nato military exercises in Ukraine

Sign the e-petition

Nato troops

We note with great concern that UK and US troops are scheduled to participate in joint military exercises in Ukraine in July as part of NATO’s Rapid Trident manoeuvres. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Its participation in military exercises by a nuclear-armed alliance with a first-strike policy can only further destabilise the country.

We call on the British government to urge the US and other NATO governments to cancel the Rapid Trident exercise, and to give a plain and public undertaking that Britain will not participate.

Initial signatories:
Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War Coalition
Kate Hudson, general secretary of CND
Caroline Lucas MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
John Rees, Stop the War Coalition
Baroness Jenny Tonge
Ken Loach, film and TV director
Mark Rylance, actor
Miriam Margolyes OBE actor
Michael Rosen, author and broadcaster
Salma Yaqoob, former leader of the Respect Party
Andrew Murray, chief of staff for Unite union

Sign the e-petition

For up to date comment & analysis on the Ukraine crisis, see the Stop the War web site

Stop the War Coalition | | 020 7561 4830

Monday, 26 May 2014

MP recall law 38 degrees network it, sack your MP

38 Degrees Logo

It’s splashed across The Telegraph today:a group of MPs have come together to say that they need to regain our trust.[1] And they’re right. Many of us think that politics in the UK is broken. MPs can be sent to prison, can fiddle their expenses or break their promises and we can only get rid of them on election day. [2]

But, we’ve got a chance right now to make things better. It looks like the government is making plans to announce new powers to sack - ‘recall’ - MPs who don’t do their job properly. Good huh? It would be, but it’s a stitch-up. [3]

Their plans could put the power to sack MPs in their colleagues’ hands - not their constituents. The MPs speaking out today don’t think this is good enough. They’re backing real recall - so if enough people wanted to hold a by-election to sack their MP in between elections, they could.

Today's news will put the government under pressure. So let’s add to it. Let’s build a HUGE people-powered petition so they know we’re watching. Can you sign the petition now?

A real recall law is not the answer to all of our democracy’s problems. But it’s a step in the right direction. And above all, it puts the power into our hands rather than MPs’.

Real recall won’t mean that by-elections happen every day. There would be checks and balances in place so that MPs can get on with their jobs. It’s only the bad MPs who will need to worry.

We need to send the government a clear signal, which means the petition needs to be big. Every signature will build the pressure they’ll be under.

Here’s what one Conservative MP, Zac Goldsmith said:

“As an MP, I’ve seen how public pressure can force the government’s arm - and they’re particularly sensitive about public trust in MPs right now. A massive petition could give David Cameron and Nick Clegg no option but to go back to the drawing board - and produce recall with bite.”

Please sign the petition now:

PS: The petition is to David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, (who’ve all said in the past that they’re committed to it). If Ed Miliband backs real recall - this could put David Cameron and Nick Clegg in an even trickier position.

Sign the petition:

[1] The Telegraph:
[2] House of Commons Library: Recall Elections:
[3] BBC: Recall plan for MPs ‘is a stitch-up’:

38 Degrees is funded entirely by donations from thousands of members across the UK. Making a regular donation will mean 38 Degrees can stay independent and plan for future campaigns. Please will you chip in a few pounds a week?

Unsubscribe: If yo

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Cancer cured by cannabis list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, make up your own mind

There’s still a lot of confusion across the nation about whether or not marijuana is effective for cancer patients. Odds are you’ve heard something about it but weren’t sure whether the information was reliable or definitive. So, in order to help clear things up, here is a list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancers being cured in each study. As you sort through the articles, note that the consistent theme between them is that cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. As bills and voter initiatives to legalize medical marijuana spread from state to state, remember that we’re not just talking about mitigating the side effects of chemo (though this is another viable use), we’re talking about curing the cancer itself as well as preventing its spread. I’ve taken the liberty of only including articles from credible scientific journals, removing any biased or otherwise improperly cited studies. Enjoy!

Cures Brain Cancer


Cures Mouth and Throat Cancer

Cures Breast Cancer


Cures Lung Cancer


Cures Uterine, Testicular, and Pancreatic Cancers


Cures Prostate Cancer


Cures Colorectal Cancer


Cures Ovarian Cancer


Curse Blood Cancer


Cures Skin Cancer


Cures Liver Cancer


Cures Biliary Tract Cancer


Cures Bladder Cancer (Sign-up required to view study)


Cures Cancer in General


Peace mission for Syria please support in any way you can London to Beirut by boat leaves June 21st


Maria Gallastegui and I are sailing from London to Beirut (departing 21st June) in a 16ft Wayfarer sailing boat as a solidarityand awareness raising action for the people of Syria and the many issues related to the ongoing situation there.  Please see the official release below.  We'll be providing updates about the trip via the Syria Peace + Justice website (url below).  
We welcome any and all support.  
Our ideal vision is a flotilla!  Please do join us, although our boat (see pic) is full up so you'll need a suitable craft, equipment and experience (or at least be sailing with an experienced person).  Please email myself or Maria for more details.

Best wishes

Simon Moore. 

PS:  We're supporting Earthian: Peace Pilgrim who is also en-route to the Middle East on a mission of peace for Syria and the region:  In the spirit of open borders and gift economy, Earthian uses no money or passport!

Syria solidarity activists to sail from London to Beirut – For immediate release

Sail4Syria duo to depart from South Bank of river Thames (from the beach next to Gabriel’s Wharf), London, Saturday 21st June 2014 at 2 p.m.

On Saturday 21st June, two peace activists, Maria Gallastegui and Simon Moore, will embark on a 3500-mile sailing voyage from London to Beirut, Lebanon in solidarity with the people of Syria. They will travel aboard a 16-foot Wayfarer dingy:

The boat which Maria and Simon are sailing to Beirut

    The boat which Maria and Simon are sailing to

The aims of the Sail4Syria project, which is a project of London-based Syria Peace & Justice are as follows: [1]·
  • To show solidarity with people whose lives have been torn apart by the crisis in Syria, including those still living in war zones and besieged areas and the more than 2.5 million refugees dispersed mainly around neighbouring countries, including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey;·
  • To build networks with and support grassroots organisations and communities inside and outside Syria working to address the serious humanitarian and societal issues created by the crisis, as well as those working non-violently for positive democratic change within Syria;·
  • To publicise our call for an end to the fuelling and intensifying of the conflict by various governments including UK, USA, Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudia Arabia and Turkey who have been facilitating the flow of weapons and military equipment into the country to all sides[2], and without taking their full share of responsibility for the ensuing humanitarian crisis.[3]

Syria Peace + Justice is calling for non-violent action to highlight and challenge the above behaviour and encourage a responsible, compassionate and peaceful approach to the Syria crisis from the international community.

The Sail4Syria team is seeking to link up with like-minded groups and individuals as it passes through various cities, towns and villages along its route.

For media enquiries or further information, please
Tel:Maria: 07907 233 861 Simon: 07963 475 195

Notes to editor:
1. Syria Peace & Justice is an open, London-based non-sectarian grassroots group, formed in October 2013. It wishes to promote a peaceful end to the terrible conflict in Syria and justice and human rights for all of its people.
More information can be found on the group’s website:

Updates on the progress of the Sail4Syria voyage will be published on

To remove yourself from this mailing list, send a message to

Vodaphone uncut 14th June occupy stores to turn into homes and homeless shelters. Vodaphone a 12 billion unpaid tax how many austerity cuts could that save

Anti-austerity activists UK Uncut have announced a day of action against tax dodging giant Vodaphone for the 14th June, six weeks before the company's AGM. The evil Star Wars-misappropriating company has paid no corporation tax at all in the last few years, whilst making profits of billions of pounds. Unlike when Joe Bloggs forgets to mention a few days of cash-in-hand work in his tax return, HMRC had negotiations with Vodaphone which resulted in a £12 billion reduction to their bill.

You might remember all this from back in 2010, when UK Uncut formed out of an occupation of Vodaphone's flagship store. Activists are putting Vodaphone back in the spotlight, and plan to transform dozens of Vodaphone shops into homes and homeless shelters for a day. The aim is to remind them of the connection between tax avoidance and the austerity agenda.

The housing crisis and cuts go hand in hand. Austerity has resulted in more tenants being taken to court and evicted, both by private landlords and social housing associations. With rents rising faster than wages and benefits, it's no surprise that people fall into arrears. Politicians seem to forget those evicted are not just statistics but real people.

Some, such as UK Uncut, suggest that more housebuilding is the answer to the housing crisis. But the problem is more that there isn't enough truly affordable housing: New housing developments tend to involve dodgy corporations trashing the planet to sell houses to those who are at least moderately well-off. DIY alternative housing, like squatting or living in vehicles, has become more difficult not just through laws like the ban on squatting residential buildings but also from an accumulation of smaller legal and financial pressures.

Still, moving into Vodaphone shops for a day to draw attention to the crisis seems like a pretty good plan. If you can't find one of those you could try one of the many branches of Barclays, HSBC, Boots, or Tesco. Perhaps you'd prefer a 90s boy band mansion, so they can never forget the shame of taking the piss.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How to combat online surveillance

Over half a million face having homes repossessed in uk. One of the reasons the government made squatting residential buildings illegal

My friend told me at a festival the other year that he reckoned that one of the reasons the govt was criminalising residential squatting was, to stop a mass wave of homeowners squatting and occupying their austerity kicked in he claimed thousands would lose their homes.
During the miners strike people who could not afford to pay their rent or mortgage put up a squatting notice which enabled them to hold onto their homes for many more months, in a complex legal situation , enabling many to eventually find the funds and save their homes.
It puts another spin on the govt saying the law was needed to protect homeowners from squatters. 
Was the law needed to protect the govt from homeowners.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hidden Histories of Resistance Squatting in England: Heritage & Prospects, well put together article on squatting (self housing) past n present

Squatting in England: Heritage & Prospects


Over the past few years, there has been a push to criminalize squatting across Western Europe. But in a time of increasing economic instability, can governments succeed in suppressing squatting? What is at stake here?

This article reviews the background and contemporary context of squatting in England, beginning after the Second World War and comparing the current movement to its counterparts on mainland Europe. It touches on many stories: migrants squatting to build a life safe from fascist attacks, gay activists finding spaces in which to build up a scene, vibrant and insurgent squatted areas, single-issue campaigns occupying as a direct action tactic, and anti-capitalist groups setting up social centers. We hope this text will help those in present-day struggles to root themselves in the heritage of previous movements.

Hidden Histories of Resistance

The Diverse Heritage of Squatting in England

Squatting as a Tool for Action as well as Housing

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hunger strike and protests now in 3 UK migration prisons

Hunger strike and protests now in 3 UK migration prisons

noborderer | 07.05.2014 13:12 | Migration | Repression

On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and began a mass hunger strike. On Monday (5 May) supporters held solidarity noise demos outside 
Harmondsworth and simultaneously at Dungavel (Scotlans). Yesterday evening (Tuesday 6 May) protests started to spread to Colnbrook and Brook House migration prisons.

Harmondsworth 5 May 
Harmondsworth 5 May


Events so far @ Wednesday 7 May 2PM. 

On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and began a mass hunger strike. On Monday (5 May) supporters held solidarity noise demos outside Harmondsworth and simultaneously at Dungavel (Scotlans). Yesterday evening (Tuesday 6 May) protests started to spread to Colnbrook and Brook House migration prisons. 

At lunchtime on Friday 2 May over 150 people detained in Harmondsworth, the UK's largest migration prison run by corporation GEO group for the Home Office, staged a sit-down occupation of the main courtyard and began hunger strike. They issued a set of demands (see below) protesting against the ‘Fast Track’ system, under which refugees seeking asylum are immediately imprisoned before their claims are even heard, as well as 
further mistreatment in detention. 

The protestors stayed in the courtyard until the evening, when the Home Office sent 3 officials to meet with delegates of the protestors. The officials took a petition signed by all of the protestors, and said they would reply to the demands on Tuesday 6 May. The detainees decided to suspend their hunger strike while they waited for the response. 
Full article n links

Saturday, 10 May 2014

50 Years to Destruction Gathering of people to call for serious investment into and research of renewable energies and sources in light of the UN climate report giving just 50 years for world co2 emissions to be reduced by 40% and the call for the end to all fossil fuel use.

50 Years to Destruction

VRevolution Rising | 05.05.2014 23:49 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis | London | South Coast

Gathering of people to call for serious investment into and research of renewable energies and sources in light of the UN climate report giving just 50 years for world co2 emissions to be reduced by 40% and the call for the end to all fossil fuel use.

A 'gathering' of people will take place outside 10 Downing Street on 24th August 2014 at 1pm to call for the end to fossil fuel use and serious research into renewable energies and sources. The UN climate report has given humanity just 50 years to reduce its co2 emissions by 40% and to almost zero by centuries end to avoid the planet warming by over 2 degrees. The accepted point of no return. 

There can be no greater calling for each and every single one of us to demand governments act now before its too late. This is serious, its real and its present. Join the gathering and demand a radical shift. Stand up for humanity.

VRevolution Rising 
- e-mail: 
- Homepage:

This Sat: Biggie Brufut Benefit Bash live music, circus. Benefit for schools projects in Africa

This Sat:  Biggie Brufut Benefit Bash live music, circus & squatcore. With sounds fromTribazik, Bad Fracals, Ronin, Katch Pyro and many more. Live HyperVJ visuals, get there early for cabaret, aerial show and dinner. Doors open at 8. Camden town, Underhill st NW17HT. Spread dis

Tomorrow: Saturday May 10th: TURBULAND:: Oxidaksi Mark Day Radioactive Cake ++ INFO: 07917080846 / 07990878527

Tomorrow: Saturday May 10th: TURBULAND:: Oxidaksi Mark Day Radioactive Cake ++ INFO: 07917080846 / 07990878527