Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hidden Histories of Resistance Squatting in England: Heritage & Prospects, well put together article on squatting (self housing) past n present

Squatting in England: Heritage & Prospects


Over the past few years, there has been a push to criminalize squatting across Western Europe. But in a time of increasing economic instability, can governments succeed in suppressing squatting? What is at stake here?

This article reviews the background and contemporary context of squatting in England, beginning after the Second World War and comparing the current movement to its counterparts on mainland Europe. It touches on many stories: migrants squatting to build a life safe from fascist attacks, gay activists finding spaces in which to build up a scene, vibrant and insurgent squatted areas, single-issue campaigns occupying as a direct action tactic, and anti-capitalist groups setting up social centers. We hope this text will help those in present-day struggles to root themselves in the heritage of previous movements.

Hidden Histories of Resistance

The Diverse Heritage of Squatting in England

Squatting as a Tool for Action as well as Housing

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