Thursday, 13 October 2011

Anonymous occupy the planet

Anonymous occupy the planet message ,list occupations across the USA

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Save the NHS Block the Bridge action
A mainstream channel 4 view, good that it was covered on main channel.

Report back to indy media on First General assembly, Occupy london occupy the stock exchange.

Occupy Boston Russia Today Video report
Occupy Boston 1,000 plus camp , but 50-100 arrested including ex vietnam war veterans.
Occupations in over 70 US cities.!!!!

The Circle Community Website

The website of the Circle Community Project

Al Jazeera on the American occupation movement

There is more coverage coming out now in the foreign and US domestic press after near 3 weeks of media blackout.

NEWS FLASH Occupy the Senate and Occupy Boston report

Police have arrested protesters attempting to occupy a US Senate building, as activists influenced by the "Occupy Wall Street" movement continue to rally in the nation's capital..................

Police have arrested protesters attempting to occupy a US Senate building, as activists influenced by the "Occupy Wall Street" movement continue to rally in the nation's capital.
Nearly 100 protesters on Tuesday morning marched onto Capitol Hill, the site of the Capitol building, and flooded the Hart Senate Office Building, where they unveiled two banners that read: "End War Now" and "People for the People".
Protesters said that they wanted to shut down Congress until the Senate agreed to hear their demands.
Police arrested moer than 100 protesters from the Occupy Boston movement early on Tuesday after the group expanded its encampment.
"At 1:30 this morning hundreds of police in full riot gear brutally attacked Occupy Boston," the group said in a news release, adding that authorities "made no distinction between protesters, medics or legal observers".
Police said no protesters or police were injured.
"Civil disobedience will not be tolerated," Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston, told a local news station on Tuesday.
FULL ARTICLE on al jazeera link below

Underground update OCT 15th mass Occupations.

Occupations fever is growing following the first general assembly on westminster bridge at the Save the NHS protest.The following article about it on Indymedia makes intresting reading.
This sat Oct 15th there has been a call out for occupations to be set up worldwide, more on this shortly.
This sat there will be occcupations in London,Bristol and other UK cities as well as the ongoing occupy Manchester.
Expect some action from occupy Wales,and the Scottish sound well up for it
 So far Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee are on the map for Scotland, Aberdeen will also be added :)
We hope to provide more links and info soon. and a round up of occupations around the world.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Occupy Everywhere is Spreading

The movement to occupy and call for a better future has unfolded in incredible ways over the last 3  weeks.
From the seed of   #occupywallst where a few hundred into many thousands occupied Wall st calling for change.NB total Media blackout for most of first 2 weeks,so network it yourself be the media.

The 99% are rising up and demanding a fairer system from the 1% political elite who have too long controlled our so called democracy from behind the Shadowy scenes. A corporatocracy has slowly eaten away our long struggled for democracy.
The massive shout goes out to make the banks pay for the Crisis not the ordinary people, their schools,homes,hospitals and Public Services.To transform the way we run our society.
Over 3 weeks the snowball has rolled into 66 American cities,from New York to Los Angeles,San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas to name but a few.
This movement has taken inspiration from the risings of the Arab Spring, from Greece and from the Squares occupations of Spain.The Spanish 15M movement said they were inspired by the 'Democracy Village ' occupation of Parliament Square in London last year,that we were heavily involved in.
Letting our government and the worlds media know that many in the UK where very unhappy with the illegal and unnecessary wars for resources,we had been undemocratically involved in.

The general assemblies are run on an  activist model with working groups and direct democracy, similar to ones set up at International summits such as Copenhagen.Peoples assemblies or general assemblies spreading across cities and the world.
The Peoples Assembly of Democracy Village (2010) on Parliament Square, pushed the networking of Assemblies over the next year,after the eviction last summer.It is with great joy that we see direct participation democracy spreading like wildfire across the public squares of the world.

Across the world what was last year unquestionable and permanent has been questioned ,and been swept away into the pages of history.
What Egyptian would have predicted the tyrant would topple.
All around us the planet is changing fast,learning swiftly from the past to create a sustainable future. 
We live in very exciting times the world is reshaping itself before our very eyes.
more soon but for now check

occupywales  - for regular updates across the movements
Full networking list soon Its going off everywhere, just checked somet about occupymumbai
Arab bloggers are saying the Arab Spring has gone global
Forward the transformation, Evolution on, in a Revolutionary Style,into the 2012 quantum accelerator.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Government fails to consider vulnerable groups: Squash calls for extension of consultation on squatting

Government fails to consider vulnerable groups: Squash calls for extension of consultation on squatting

Article for Guardian "comment is free"

Have you ever gone to bed hungry ?, have you ever gone to bed cold ?,can
 you imagine what it is like to be a young runaway girl of 14 trapped
in the cycle of misery that it is to live on the streets.
 For  many people squatting is desperation and the last resort,to some
it is the ups and downs,the
 joy of community.

 I would not be alive were it not for squatting: as a young homeless 18
 year old on the streets of London, I nearly topped myself, alone,
 cold,depressed skint, you don't think straight. Squatting saved my
 Some friends invited me to stay in their lounge in a squat in Kings Cross.
 I went on to create nearly 20 years of  squatted environmental
community centres that helped many people who had  been in the same
situation I had been in.

 This is maybe one of the reasons I have been feeling the rage of the
 last 6 months as I have seen a systematic,pre planned ,co-ordinated
 weekly assault on the last of our common rights ,the right to shelter
 in an empty abandoned building.
 This has been a right for time.
 The misrepresentation, propaganda and blatant lies we have faced from
 the mainstream media,as squatters,the dispossessed, the poorest and
 most vulnerable in our society.

 This propaganda campaign has been needed to disguise the  major
 assault on our  rights to Protest,as it will  affect Trade union and
 student occupation of workplace and university.
 The occupation of camps for Peace and to save the environment such as
 Climate Camps.

Trespass has always been a civil offence, this criminalisation of
 trespass,sheltering/squatting would be like the last of the 'Enclosure
 Acts'. Affecting our rights to shelter/tenants rights.
 We have had a right to go before a magistrate to hear our case for 700
years since the 1371 force able entry act.
 The proposed new law would licence landlords to use violence to evict.

We need some heart, compassion what are the solutions,
 725,000 empty buildings in UK ( empty homes agency figures)
 Up to half a million ,hidden homeless in the middle of a
 housing crisis.(Crisis figures)

We need a Green Sustainable  Deal ,buildings could be recycled and renovated as
 squatters have done for time. We transform, we re-use, we recycle empty
 and abandoned  buildings,by using all the buildings we could create
 new homes, project and work spaces that could create hundreds of
 thousands of sustainable jobs and community.

 It feel like their has been a declaration of War on the poor and most
 vulnerable in our society, by the media and politicians. An assault
is being launched on the rights our ancestors struggled long and hard

 We are human beings we  have rights and the tables are turning as the
 recent events in New York #occupywallst that has spread to Los
 Angeles,Chicago and San Francisco and Dallas, a wave of change is
spreading across the globe from the “Arab Spring” to the “American
 We refuse to take this lying down to be imprisoned for housing
 ourselves due to a failing system that seems to have ceased to care
 for its people it was elected to help.
 Homes not jails.
 The wave of repossessions to come and people being evicted due to not
 being able to pay the rent,. has been suggested as another reason to
 illegalise the squatting that many would turn too. Most in
desperation and as a last resort

 160 solicitors and academics put it well in the Guardian in a mass
letter on the misrepresentation of trespass.  consultation quick response guide …...
 Consultation ends Oct 5th SOS  5pm
There is a call from the squash to extend the deadline as the
consultation has not been properly carried out,with fair time and
process of consultation.

Save our Squatting (Sheltering),
If you care for that young girl or boy who could be you ,or  your child in the
time to come.

By Pete Phoenix Squatters Housing Action Group