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Take Back the Land Action

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Friday, 29 June 2012

Simon digger reviews the disused land campaign

Diggers 2012 move off Runnymede campus

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Diggers2012: Two Week Anniversary At Runnymede

An update on the progress of the Diggers2012 land action that started on 9th June. See for more information and feel free to visit or join! Its two weeks today since we, a ragged band, moved into the gardens surrounding the old, disused Brunel University Runnymede Campus. In the past it was a thriving university campus where sciences, design and technology, theatre and sport were taught and enjoyed until the site was sold to private property developers in 2007. For over five years it has remained largely vacant and disused (with the occassional film shoot or police dog training taking place in the buildings). For more info on the site please visit: Around the buildings we discovered acres of woodlands interspersed with fields and overgrown lawns. It is beautiful and on a hill with views overlooking Runnymede and the river Thames. The following article has great pictures and more info.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Diggers 2012 views of massive empty Runnymede Campus

A walk around the Runnymede campus empty for 5 years, unused and wasted resource one of the nearly 1 million empty buildings in the uk. Over 500 student flats lay empty while the homeless (now criminalised under new laws,due to be put into effect in Sept. ) freeze on the cold concrete streets .We want solutions not criminalisation.Homes not Jails,Dis used Land for Eco villages.Reclaim the Land Dig in for Victory Occupy and resist.U cant kill the Spirit.

Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Rio+20 Officially it's the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, but everyone is just calling it Rio+20. That is, twenty years after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Over June 20-22, world leaders (or, in many cases national environmental heads) are getting together in Rio to "focus on two themes: (a) a green economy in the context of sustainable development poverty eradication; and (b) the institutional framework for sustainable development." Lots of links to good articles and many perspectives on Rio plus 20 Earth Summit.

The Power of Sitting: "Unplugged" Desk Harvests Your Energy for Electricity

Incredible energy of the future gathered from office desk and plants.These are the kinds of Solutions we need to support and network for a pollution free future.

2012 The Mayan Word - Excellent documentary by Mel Gunessana of Undercurrents,on the 2012 prophecies from the mouths of the Mayans themselves.This groundbreaking work reveals Indigenous wisdom that the international commentators are not listening to.The Film is downloadable from the website,please organise a film showing in your area. Download film and organise a film showing.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Squatters and tenants action weds 27th june

Squatters and tennants unite. Direct action tomorrow. Weds 27th june.Meeting at Vauxhall tube. Exit 2 8.30am
Together we are the resistance
From the eviction resistance network call 07591 415860 or txt them to be added to txt list for actions events and eviction resistance. email:

FORUM: Squatting is just not going to go away

FORUM: Squatting is just not going to go away
Great old article in the Camden new Journal on some of the history and  positive sides of squatting,aiming to counter some of the tidal wave of lies and mirepresentation by the mainstream media.

WE ARE ALL ONE - Protests erupt across the world

The World is Telling Us WE ARE ALL ONE, Protests erupt across the Globe calling for a Peacefull fairer,Just and sustainable society.

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth This Declaration was created at the Bolivia Earth Summit,helped by the Indigenous President of Bolivia Evo Morales,lets hope in time it will be adopted across the world.

Activists Criticize Rio+20 Declaration at Summit’s Close

Activists Criticize Rio+20 Declaration at Summit’s Close The U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, has concluded in Brazil. Over the weekend, negotiators unveiled an agreement that sets new development goals and lays the groundwork for future talks. Rio+20 Secretary-General Sha Zukang hailed the pact as a success. Sha Zukang: "You laid out the groundbreaking guidelines for applying green economy policies as a useful tool in advancing sustainable development and ending poverty. You agreed to strengthen the environmental pillar of sustainable development by enhancing UNEP. You decided that we need a high-level political forum to address the three pillars of sustainable development in an integrated way." Many groups working on environmental and poverty issues have criticized the Rio+20 agreement for being too weak. Iain Keith of AVAAZ and Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace International had harsh criticism of the summit as it came to a close. Iain Keith: "What has happened in Rio is weak language with no timelines for these polluter payments. We are here today demonstrating the fact that the wealth and the power of big oil, coal and gas speaks louder than people here at the Rio summit." Kumi Naidoo: "I think that it is criminal that we have close to a hundred heads of state who have come here and do not spend even one hour in negotiations with each other. That the whole process was left to civil servants and diplomats to actually negotiate an agreement with no effort by heads of state to actually say, 'It is not good enough, we need more ambition and so.'"

The Foundry Old st has been squatted by Occupy London crew

Reports coming in of the famous alternative venue The Foundry,which has held many gigs and supported many causes over the years has been squatted by some of the Occupy London crew who were at Finsbury Square.They may be in court soon so get down and show your support,help it last longer or plan the next Occupy squat space.Keep networking viva the resistance.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Gathering this saturday 23rd June at Magna Carta monument, Runnymede at 1 p.m.

Gathering this saturday at Magna Carta monument, Runnymede at 1 p.m. We'll be playing music, having a picnic and walking up to the eco village on the hill. Bring a tent and sleeping bag if you want to stay. Call 07963 475 195 if you have any questions or check

Parliament Square Occupation calls for people's assemblies - the tent occupation of Parliament square was an inspiration to the Spanish 15M movement which helped to set up the take the squares action days that seeded the Occupy Movement.Never doubt that direct action by a small number of people can send ripples across the world.Phoenix explains how at the Copenhagen climate summit, Indigenous movement and Campesinas called for peoples assemblies to spring up Globally within 2 years the Occupy movement had General (peoples ) Assemblies in over a thousand cities.

Mark Barret at Democracy Village calling for Global reclaim the commons movement

Introduction to people's assembly democracy village -frrom the phoenix archive of direct action from the frontlines of Britain. more to be added soon.Democracy village was a Peoples assembly on Parliament square to protest against the illegal Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.It lasted around 3 months and raised a massive amount of awareness about the unpopular wars at the time.

Refused entry to parliament to lobby on new squat law

Friday, 15 June 2012

Diggers meeting this sat June 16th at Runnymede

This sat 16th 1pm meeting at the Magna Carta memorial Runnymede near Windsor. More info map contacts etc at

Reclaim The Streets UK documentary- Tales from back in the day to inspire the next generation of activists,keep networking You cant kill the spirit.Reclaim the Streets ,Reclaim the Land

Carnival of dirt today big reclaim the streets style party later

Hey today Carnival Of Dirt happening today. Highlighting the criminal activities of mining & extractions companies. Lots of Indigenous speakers talking about their experiences. Then at 6pm meet outside Embankment & then go somewhere for a massive street party!! The sound system is big!! Bring your friends:))) xxxhttp://www.carnivalofdirt, - twitter,

Piers Corbyn on Elgin ave in the 1970s Part 2 on the church,corruption in housing system,GLC,barricades and re-housing victory.New squat laws in Sept. Resistance 1 eviction 2 new squats slogan.

Elgin ave squatters history Piers Corbyn !970s occupier of Elgin ave on squatting life,community,barricades and the Clash

Elgin ave anti cuts college part 1.NEWSFLASH The Anti Cuts College has been evicted! Approximately 20 students and activists were forcibly evicted by bailiffs and security in a surprise dawn raid. One naked protester locked herself in one of the classrooms and wasn't found for hours by the security team. Vive Le Resistance!!! The local community gave their full support to the student occupation of the college and were inspired by our work there. They are now pushing the owner to open up the building again for community use as a free college. We have now occupied a gigantic university in a secret location. NO SURRENDER!!! NO GOVERNMENT CUTS!! WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Occupy London Finsbury square camp evicted At 1am this morning, 14th June 2012, over a dozen police vans raced down City Road, towards Finsbury Square. Accompanied by two or three coaches of bailiffs in orange jackets. They quickly formed a line round the site and dragged thoose asleep out of their tents. Some being aware of the police coming climbed into the barricade built over three of the wooden pallet houses, with one masked protester at the top of a tree in the square. Soon enough people walked out favoring a non violent exit, after many hours the human figure in the tree climbed down. The bailiffs set up two lines of metal fencing around the pavement surrounding the area. Most stayed on the pavement watching the place be destroyed, then some to a grotty homeless shelter the council had liaised with, and some to a new site in Shoreditch Park.

Latest from Windsor Diggers

This Earth divided we will make whole, so it can be a common treasury for all. Featured Latest from Windsor Diggers by nettleship Despite things not quite working out as planned at the weekend with the hay-field incident, the rain, and one arrest for breach of an Olympic ASBO(!), the camp is alive and well with a small group of dedicated Diggers in the woodland near Runnymede (the birthplace of our supposed Democracy) on Cooper’s Hill in Surrey. The police did continue to follow us and have been present with torches and harassment but Royal Holloway University who own the specific piece of land on which the camp is currently situated have not yet attempted to serve court papers, so for now we are staying put and ignoring any attempts at intimidation. We invite everybody to join us, especially those who have become dispossessed due to the unequal and cruel nature of our system of crises. There is a map of our location below. You can call or text the site phone 07963 475 195 for more information. Directions to the camp: If walking up the mud track from Egham town look out for the orange cones on your left – these mark the point at which to enter the woods and you’ll see the camp. The nearest train station is Egham,about 25 mins walk. If you want to get nearer the camp by public transport you can get on the Slough bus from Egham town and get off at the stop before the top of Priest Hill, Englefield Green. That saves you a walk up a steep hill and is ten mins from the camp. (click to enlarge) The group will be camped at this spot until Saturday 16th June. On Saturday at 1pm we will have a meetup at the Magna Carta Monument to discuss freedom, democracy and of course plans for the future. Please bring camping equipment – tent, sleeping bag, cup, supplies etc… if you wish to join the camp. Whilst scouting around the area we have discovered ample disused land on which to grow food and communities. The site for the community is a secret for the moment. more info

Latest News from the frontlines

News flash - Simon Digger arrested again a second time for returning to Runnymede camp and breaking his Draconian ASBO,which says he cannot be on any land in britain without the permission of the owner. He is in court in west London today updates as we get them.However there is still a diggers camp atRoyal Holloway college land just behind the Magna Carta memorial.see for location map Finsbury square Occupy London Camp is on eviction alert today. @occupyLSXSOS says Police vans showing up at camp eviction is happening tonight come down and show support.Apparently the court appeal has been denied. The Old Lambeth fire station near Oval tuber is also due for a big eviction resistance this fri 15th. 9am Party and sleepover thursday night.This is a big one .Together we are the resistance network it. Carnival of Dirt goes off this fri 15th Also Stonehenge free festival 2012 is coming up with a gathering near the the stones around Summer Solstice. The Elgin Ave Anti cuts college was evicted yesterday video and photos from the college posted soon and finally the Diggers 2012 group is calling for a General Assembly this sat 16th at 1pm at the Magna Carta memorial Runnymede address bring people,tents,tarps food,bowl and spoon and be prepared to take a new eco village site.The diggers also request led lights and boots. The Magna Carta monument is a very historically important place where the beginning of some our our ancient rights that had been ignored by the Norman robber barons were begun to be restored,the beginning of our unwritten constitution was created in the Magna Carta (the great Charter) The ctreation of the Magna Carta was a protest against the unjust and arbitary acts of the king and the law at the time.It seems these unjust and arbitary times have come again with the new laws to imprison the homeless and squatters coming into force around Sept its time for the the Rebels to gather at Runnymede again and demand a fair just and sustainable future.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ravens Island squatted Eco-Conference Centre on River Thames - Phoeni...

The Times: Occupy London's Bank of Ideas

Off Grid Living @ The Bank Of Ideas

Simon Digger released after 1 day inside to return to Runnymeade in defiance of Draconian ASBO barring him from any land in Britain without the owners permission

Report from the court room on the ridiculous ravings of the landowning monopoly magistrates. Runnymeade Rebels in the woods behind Magna Carta memorial off Coopers Hill lane windsor.Reinforcements welcome especially good folk,hot food water,dry clothes,tarps and morale boosters,cake etc.Visit ASAP tel 07963 475195!/freetheland This saturday is Magna Carta day the anniversary of the signing of the document that reaffirmed some of our ancient rights. The new Diggers are calling for a General Assembly gathering at 1 pm at the Runnymeade Memorial Runnymeade near Windsor to discuss among other things our access to land to grow food and live on ,and the return of many of our rights.More info soon.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Diggers arrested by Crown agents of Land monopoly

Free Simon Simon Digger a very peacefull and inspiring man,who was on the Diggers 2012 mission to set up an eco-village on crown land in Windsor had been arrested under the terms of a Previous Olympic ASBO which means he can be arrested and imprisoned for up to 5 years for entering ANY land in Britain without the permission of the owner. All this for peacefully aiming to highlight the land situation,where 1% owns 70% of the Land in this country. The peacefull and simple objective was to get dis-used land to be used to grow food and to live on.More info on the following Indymedia report and also the website Reclaim the Land keep networking you cant kill the Spirit Update breaking news the Diggers 2012 group is still camped in the woods above Runnymeade and there has been talk of calling a General Assembly there on this Sat as it is Magna Carta day. Simon the Digger is in court today at Guildford and faces possibly up to 5 years inprison for challenging the undemocratic tyrants monopoly on land use in this country.When the fundamental issue of land ownership by the 1% is peacefully challenged we suddenly see the mailed fist of the feudal system move to crush the peaceful attempts at dialogue and discussion.Especially with the new laws on squatting, criminalising the homeless and dispossessed that may start to come into effect around Sept,now more than ever we need to question this draconian law and the unfair distribution of land in this country.There is enough disused land in the Uk to grow food for twice our population with no need to unsustainably,ship and fly food in from many other continents,as peak oil begins to bite,the sense of this argument will be vindicated. Stay tuned for more info from the freedom trail,see you in Runnymeade to demand our rights and take them back as our ancestors did hundreds of years ago.Diggers mobiles 07963 475195,07905 283114 network it needs people,transport,tents food and networking in it,stand up diggers all ,to Runnymeade for freedom and land.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Diggers camp at Runnymeade historic place of the magna carta after full day of adventure, check longer story at

Walk to Windsor Eco village begins

Walk to Windsor crown estate Eco village begins. Injunction has been served but we believe we have the right to use the disused land to grow food and live on. Reclaim the land

Friday, 8 June 2012

Occupy London Documentary Opening- Great shots of St Pauls,street demos,Finsbury square,bank of ideas and the Occupied Justice Courthouse

School Of Ideas February 11th_2012. shows school full of potential and ideas/actions.

Occupy: From Bank of Ideas to School of Ideas

Earth Times- updates on a great green blog A very intresing blog with a wide variety of articles on our current eco situation,green gadgets,species extinction,forest protection,solutions,news from the oceans and skies above.

'Leak it all!' Anonymous calls for Fight Club-style 'Project Mayhem-2012' Anonymous are set to activate the dormant cells of a global 'Fight Club’ to battle corruption by calling on supporters to leak a massive cache of state and corporate secrets for the world to see. ­“Imagine you purchase a USB drive. Imagine you take it to your work place. Imagine you collect evidence of illegality and corruption. Imagine together we expose all lies. Imagine we leak it all.”

Carnival of Dirt to hit London 15 June If you scratch the surface of any transnational mining or extraction corporation, you will find the same abhorrent, filthy behaviour. The billionaires behind this trade, make their fortunes at the cost of human rights abuses, labour rights violations, poisoning of the environment and dwindling water resources, forced acquisition of lands with empty promises of adequate housing and employment, evading millions in taxes, corrupting governments, thriving in conflict zones and turning peoples against each other. Financial institutions like the London Stock Exchange and the London Metal Exchange and governments turn a blind eye to these abuses and fail to punish for these crimes in the majority world or even legislate against them adequately. Carnival Of Dirt celebrates all those fighting this injustice and remembers those who have suffered for doing so.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Occupy London resistance is fertile.Headed East and West

Finsbury Square eviction delayed by an appeal,**** Update 7 June – The Finsbury Square occupation has been granted a stay of execution until Friday 15 June to lodge an appeal. Pop down, show support, bring supplies (food, bedding, cleaning stuff etc)More updates Pilgrimage for Justice starts Thursday 7 June – London,Heads East to Canterbury mor info As a thrust to the west is carried out by the True Levellers to occupy land to the west of London in Windsor a new eco village to be set up. Also news Occupy benefit album Folk the Banks album out now – Pay what you can afford, Carnival of Dirt reminiscent of June 18th (J18)actions in the city of London. the Carnival of Dirt will occur on June 15th,members of Occupy London have joined up with an unprecedented coalition of activist groups across the world to address the criminal behaviour of mining and extraction corporations. more info here. and Finally the occupied college at 129 Elgin Ave,Maida Vale tube, is due for possible eviction the morning of friday 8th June and is calling for barricading and bailiff resistance network it.Followed by a weekend of fun and games network the resistance

Mark Thomas at Bank of Ideas

mark thomas at bank of ideas from tel aversion on Vimeo.

Mark Thomas at the Occupy London Bank of Ideas..Click on this box to view video. it absolutely hilarious gig,with mark putting out many good ideas on our current economic and environmental situation.We were very busy this day as the UBS lawyers had just given us an injunction to leave immediately.However we managed to launch an appeal during Marks gig and he very kindly agreed to be named as a defendant.The case eventually lasted around 3 months during which over 415 workshops were held,many talks,meetings ,general assemblies,actions and cinema showings were organised.This was Occupy London movement,working groups and squatting team working together to create an incredible community project whose ideas spread across the country and the world.

Solutions Zone - Voices of Copenhagen 2009

Solutions Zone TV expedition to the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 Ashort edit from nearly 70 interviews with the many people and organisations who travelled from around the world to discuss solutions and actions for the current environmental emergency we find ourselves in....more edits soon.

School Of Ideas Community Meeting-draft edit


ENERGY NEWS Germany Sets New Solar Record

ENERGY NEWS Germany Sets New Solar Record By Meeting Nearly Half of Country’s Weekend Power Demand Read more: Germany Sets New Solar Record By Meeting Nearly Half of Country's Weekend Power Demand | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Dispossessed - 'Access to Land and Resources'

Excellent cartoon animation from the Crisis of Civilisation film. By Dean Puckett (Kew Bridge Eco village and Democracy Village Parliament Square Peace camp. Watch film at

Monday, 4 June 2012

Solutions Zone TV- Early interview at Occupy London Bank of Ideas


Squatters Eviction Resistance Network

Squatters Eviction Resistance Network: 07591 415860 Support and advice before, during and after an eviction attempt. We re really interested in producing our own media raising awareness of the following issues *Evictions due to benefit cuts, rent increases and the Olympics. *Rising levels of homelessness despite there being 700,000 empty properties in the UK *Privatisation of social housing and lack of investment *Poor regulation of unscrupulous landlords *The criminalisation of squatting under clause 136 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishing of Offenders Bill 2012 *Increased vulnerability of private tenants and squatters *The demonisation of social housing tenants, people receiving LANDLORD benefit and squatters The idea is to encourage people and organisations to submit articles or reports or case studies that highlight these issues. We, the Eviction Resistance Network, are currently writing our article about the criminalisation of squatting in residential properties and how this will leave both squatters and private tenants extremely vulnerable in the middle of a housing crisis. Perhaps someone who works with people in social housing who are facing eviction due to benefit caps could submit an article about that? And someone who has had the unpleasant experience of a naughty landlord could submit an article about that? We would like the publication to be similar in size to a regular newspaper and perhaps around 4 or 5 double sized pages. We would like to distribute it at tube stations during the morning rush hour as an alternative to the Metro. We are looking at printing costs and funding at the moment so can update about that later. Also, at the last housing for the 99 percent meeting, there was an agreement to do some direct action. We think this publication could promote and get more people involved in that too. So? What are peoples thoughts? Would anyone like to submit an article? Is anyone good with Graphic Design? It would be great to have as many people as possible involved in this project, lets make it happen. Also, please forward this email on to anyone who might be interested. Love and resistance,
Relaunch of Solutions Zone TV ...coming shortly. After returning from Brazilian forests last year (2011) the main message that came back from meditations with Mother Earth ,were that ,we as a human race need to focus on the Solutions. We as a species are focussed on the problems,bad news travels fast,war,death,murder and now for the sport. So the Solutions Zone was born a culmination of 20 years of environmental action,campaigning networking and research. Solutions Zone TV will present a wide range of solutions that can help rebalance and repair our damaged earth eco system. A lot of time last year energy was diverted into the save squatting campaign. Now is the time to refocus on Solutions,for all our future generations sakes.Keep networking.The following are some web links to the beginning Solutions Zone Project. Youtube channel :Solutionszonetv Facebook group:Solutionszonetv :

Declaration from the dispossessed- Windsor eco vill

Declaration from the dispossessed- True Levellers -Windsor eco village. On June 09th a group of dispossessed people will be walking from Syon Lane Community Allotment in Isleworth, West London to Windsor. Our aim is to start a community on a piece of disused land on the Crown Estate. We have written the following declaration to express our intentions. For more info on the project, please visit: This Earth divided we will make whole, so it can be a common treasury for all. A declaration from the dispossessed by True Levellers We: peaceful people, declare our intention to go and cultivate the disused land of this island; to build dwellings and live together in common by the sweat of our brows. We have one call: every person in this country and the world should have the right to live on the disused land, to grow food and to build a shelter. This right should apply whether you have money or not. We say that no country can be considered free, until this right is available to all. With our current system in crisis we need a radically different way of growing our communities. We call on the government and all landowners to let those who are willing, make good use of the disused land. Land that is currently held from us by force. By our actions, we seek to show how we can live without destroying the planet or ourselves. Free from the yoke of debt and rent, our labors can be directed to the benefit of all. Though we may be oppressed for our actions, we will strive to remain peaceful. But we are committed to our cause and will not cease from our efforts until we have achieved our goal. 20th May 2012.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Brighton Squatters Convergence last week ish

Brighton Squatters Convergence last week ish Report will appear here soon meanwhile here is a rough draft of a leaflet to clarify some of what is going on in the changes in squatters law ting. Defend our Rights - Squatting law update as of 25th May 2012 1. Don't panic, Squatting is not illegal yet. Section 6 rights still apply. 2. You're not alone; there are thousands (estimated 20-500,00} squatters in residential properties; this will make the new law very hard to enforce and potentially unworkable. 3. Private tenants and those in social housing are also vulnerable under the laws; many groups are forming in response to the new legislation – both squat and not. Squatters are not alone in this time of housing insecurity. 4. In Holland, anti squatting legislation was successfully challenged under the European human rights legislation. People still need to be taken to court to be evicted. In the UK, legal experts are already building a case to challenge this legislation in the European Court of Human Right – under right to family life (Article 8) 5. In the government consultation, 96% of people who replied said don't criminalise squatting including the Metropolitcan Poloce, Judges and the Law society. Criminalising squatting in residential properties is not popular legislation, it has and will continue to come under attack from all sectors of society. 6.The police and bailiffs may act as if the law has already come into force. It has not. Inform them of this and refer them to the contacts at the end of this leaflet if further clarification is needed. 7. The commencement order has not been made, meaning we don't know yet when the law will take effect although we can predict it will be sometime around September. 8. The new law: Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 Section 144 Offence of squatting in a residential building The new law makes it a crime where: You trespass in a residential building, and You entered the building as a trespasser (rather than e.g. by invitation), and You know or ‘ought to know’ that you are a trespasser, and You are living in the building or intend to live there (for any length of time) It is not a crime to remain in a building after the end of a lease or licence, even if you leave and re-enter the building. The law only applies to 'residential buildings.' A building is “residential” if it is designed or adapted, before the time of entry, for use as a place to live - in other words if commercial premises are squatted and turned into residential premises by the squatter, the law won't apply. Its still legal to squat empty unused commercial buildings,eg :factories,shops,churches,community centres,warehouses,pubs,land for eco villages,etc. derelict/unused space. Penalty - If convicted of this offence by the court, the maximum penalty is imprisonment for 51 weeks or a fine not more than £5,000 or both a fine and imprisonment. Police powers - Police can enter and search squatted premises to arrest a person for squatting. Be prepared for when this legislation comes into force. We need to work as a community to fight this together. This law will be resisted all the way. Together, we will show this law is unworkableby building networks of solidarity, having regular meetings, meals, socials, football games,parties. Turning up to eviction resistances, networking with other housing groups and local communities Tell SQUASH and other groups about positive squatting case studies, illegal evictions by police and bailiffs and other information that would be useful for media and court cases. Filming can help. Timeline: May – Queen gave Royal Assent, therefore law is now on the statute books; the law is not in force until a consultation has been conducted. May-September: consultation period when the government will consult local authorities, police, and housing and affected groups to inform them and assess the impacts of the new law. During this period the law and its implementation will be clarified. September onwards: Prosecution cases will start to define how these cases are handled by the courts, eg setting precedents, punishments, evidence. There may be opportunities to repeal Section 136 of LASPO. For more and updated info check 1) SQUASH – Squatters Action for secure Homes Provide positive case studies and support when dealing with the media. 2) Advisory Service for Squatters (A.S.S) Help with court proceedings, illegal evictions 3)Squatters Legal Network sln@aktivix Assisting with legal cases, arrestee support 4) Squatters Eviction Resistance Network: 07591 415860 Support and advice before, during and after an eviction attempt. The government said that it would not bring in any new laws to unnecessarily criminalise people, yet they are criminalising the homeless in the middle of a housing crisis, which makes this law unjust and unworkable. The whole process has completely bypassed any kind of democracy. It will cost the government an estimated £790 million in the first 5 years to implement even though the aim was to cut Legal Aid expenditure by £350 million a year. This new law will be difficult to interpret and enforce, taking up massive amounts of police time. Whatever they say, squatting will stay!

Usefull websites for Occupy Movement

Some Usefull websites for Occupy Movement Keep Networking the Resistance Exciting action coming in from occupy the hoods across the USA,foreclosure resistance. Also soon info posts on the student uprisings in Canada and the recent Blockuppy Frankfurt. Some of the inspiration to keep this blog updated more is from the increasing censorship of occupy actions by FB,there is an amazing amount of actions,events and many land reclaims going on but this is increasingly being ignored or censored by the main stream media and facebook. As the uprising across the Globe gathers pace it is more than ever for us to build our own communications networks.Dont hate the media ,be the media check for regular updates and actions from the protest movement in the UK and worldwide. We shall overgrow reclaim the land

palestine place squat succesfully resisted illegal eviction

palestine place squat succesfully resisted illegal eviction yesterday,build the resistance networks to the new tyrranical squat laws

Occupy London invites you to its Occupy Democracy event

This Jubilee weekend, at noon on Sunday 3 June by the steps of St Paul’s, Occupy London invites you to its Occupy Democracy event.

this is good reminder of what occupy is achieving

this is good reminder of what occupy is achieving,great reminders we are more powerfull than they can possibly imagine

Occupy land Windsor eco village sat 9th june 2012

Saturday, 9 June 2012 11:00 Syon Lane Community Allotment, adjacent to Platform 1, Syon Lane Station, Rothbury Gardens, Isleworth, Middlesex, Stand Up Ye Diggers All! On Saturday 09th June, we will be walking from Syon Lane Community Allotment in West London to Windsor. We will be camping for one night on the route. Our aim is to start a community on a piece of disused land on the Crown Estate. We plan to grow our own food, make shelters and live sustainably: to show an alternative to our system of crisis. We call for the right for everyone to be able to use the disused land to live on, free the yoke of debt and rent. If you share our vision, and you are willing to work to achieve it, we welcome you to join us. Meetup details: Meet at Syon Lane Community Allotment on Sat 09th June from 11 a.m. We will be departing at 1 p.m sharp. Bring camping equipment, warm clothing, mug, bowl, spoon and a torch. Also please bring seeds and any useful equipment if you can. Should you wish to meet us in Windsor, or at some other point along the journey, please call the numbers below on the day. If you would like to know more about this project, please visit: or email Alternatively you can call or text the following numbers: 07963 475 195 / 07905 283 114 to find out more. Meetup Location: Syon Lane Community Allotment. Map link: Meetup date: Sat 09th June. Meetup time: 11 a.m Departure time: 1 p.m Arrival time in Windsor: Sun 10th June before 12 Noon.