Friday, 18 January 2013

URGENT UK government Tyrrany Part 2 Early day motion 912 - COMMERCIAL SQUATTING - UK Parliament

Early day motion 912 - COMMERCIAL SQUATTING - UK Parliament

The attempted, further criminalisation of people who live in empty and unused buildings is pushed further again by the undemocratic,unfair arbitrary  corporatocracy,that claims to be our democracy.

This is actually a major assault on our rights to protest.Because squatting is used in  many protest situations.
It is the final enclosure acts closing in...........
homeless on the streets in a housing crisis while 1.4 million buildings lie empty.
feel a big rant coming up and lots of direct action, networking and alliance building.
Enuf is enuf ya .....Basta
But the people will unite .......its time to reclaim our right
...To shelter ,food and water, we all share the earth together.


  1. Have you ever thought that may be if everyone had got a job and contributed to society rather than hanging onto a ridiculous idealism that there would not be the need 1.4 million unoccupied buildings has they would be full of workers?

    I'm still at a bit of lose as to why you think that you have right to shelter, food and water without working for it in some way? Are you expecting us all to just live off the land? If this is the case who is going to build the buildings you are occupying? From my knowledge the counties with people living in a world with out a structured society do not fair so well, but I’d love for you to explain how you ideal could work as I’m sure there are a number of countries out there that could do with your help as some have a real problem with sanitation and disease but I’m sure you have all the answers.

  2. You probably come across as someone who is lucky enough to have a job and settled down well. But have you ever considered the fact that we are still in deep recession and millions of young workers and either out of work, or not working enough to pay there way, especially in places like London or Brighton.

    Have you ever considered the possibility that there are over a million properties that haven't been in use for a very long time, because they've been bought out by super rich people who just want to leave them to rot?

    Have you considered the possibility that homelessness is rising at an accelerated pace, given the fact that the rich/poor divide is ever increasing?

    Squatting in this day and age isn't done by choice, but by convenience to shelter, especially this time of the year.

  3. There are several jobs out there, ask the polish and other europeans. There are homeless shelters too, and in some cases why don't you swallow your pride and go home to your parents (so long as they aren't abusive). No one is pointing a gun to your head and making you live in London/Brighton...try somewhere north of Watford and things are cheaper.

    Corporations or rich people buying up properties in London has always been happening, so are you suggesting we all throw our dummies out and go on a squatting rampage. I want to buy a house in London but know that will never happen, that doesn't give me a right to go and squat in a house because the 'man' has annoyed me and feel hard done by.

    Pulling the 'especially at this time of year' card is poor too, you know its winter/xmas time, its not a surprise so do as the squirrels do and plan for it.