Sunday, 12 July 2015

French Resistance Uprising 14th July Vs Corporate Europe,TTIP Calling for National Council Of Transition and NEW CONSTITUTION Proclamation officielle du CNT 18 Juin #onn #olsx #constitution #democracy #magnacarta #commons #radicalassembly network it

French Uprising 14th July Vs Corporate Europe, TTIP Calling for  National Council Of Transition and NEW CONSTITUTION Proclamation officielle du CNT   18 Juin  #onn #olsx #constitution #democracy #magnacarta #commons #radicalassembly network it

CNT call for Mass mobilisation 14th July against the corporate dictatorship of Europe.
The undemocratic,unjust and arbitrary denial of Public referendums against the European Treaty of Lisbon.
Similar to the National Council of Resistance called for in 1940, the National Council of Transition is calling for 2000 delegates and peoples assemblies to be held at local ,national and International levels.
To reclaim control of Democracy from the corporations,to create a new people centred ,just and Fair Constitution.
To reclaim control of the issuing of money from the private bank cartels.
This is a major move and we call on all networks globally to support this brave move by the French people.
In the run up to the Paris Climate summit we need to reclaim the power from the corrupt corporate cartels that with a small elite Mafia is taking away our democracy and Sovereign rights with Treaties like TTIP.
Forcing us further into an undemocratic european super state,by ignoring national referendums to the contrary.
It is time for a truly Real Global Democracy now.With local national and international assemblies,by the people ,for the people.
To safeguard our rights,create a sustainable future and protect the dart and the environment.Protecting Mother Earth Rights,the commonwealth we safeguard for all future generations.Which should not be sold off to a few multinationals,by the corrupt corporate elite.
Network this time for action,to create a fair,just,sustainable future for all earths citizens and species.

Viva the resistance,Egalite,Fraternite ,Liberte.
This is just the beginning organise assemblies for action in your area. keep networking for a better future.

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