Thursday, 2 July 2015

George Osborne: No more kids in poverty. Please don't cut child tax credit #onn #olsx #radicalassembly #occupydemocracy

George Osborne: No more kids in poverty. Please don't cut child tax credit

38 Degrees members are clubbing together for huge newspaper ads shaming George Osborne into ditching the cuts to child tax credits. But we haven't yet raised enough to get in the papers this Friday. Please click here to chip in £3 now: 

“I don’t know how I’ll put food on the table for my boys if this cut goes ahead. That’s the scariest thought of all”. This is Jeanne, a single mum and 38 Degrees member from Milton Keynes.

Next week, George Osborne wants to take money away from her two children, and thousands more across the UK. If he gets his way, the UK’s poorest families won’t have the money they need for school uniforms, healthy food, or rent. [1]

We’ve got seven days to stop him - so here’s the plan. If enough of us chip in, we can splash adverts all over the newspapers this Friday. The ads show Jeanne and Nicola: mums who are trying to do the best for their kids, but who’d be hit hard by these cuts.

The government is split. Politicians are terrified of bad press, and they’re desperate to keep stories like Jeanne’s out of the papers. Seeing her story in newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, where the government normally gets positive coverage, is the last thing Osborne wants.

We can prove that public opinion is turning against him - and that could force him to drop these awful plans. Please can you chip in a few pounds to get these ads into the papers? If thousands of us donate £3 now, we can get in the papers this Friday:




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