Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Breaking Convention Psychedelic conference this Sat 10-12 July

Breaking Convention



In early 2015, Breaking Convention achieved registration as a UK Charity (#1,159,687). The charity’s Objects are specifically restricted to the following:
a) organising and hosting a biennial academic conference bringing together multiple disciplines (including medicine, psychology, anthropology, sociology, law, politics and the arts) associated with the research of psychedelic substances;
b) promoting and supporting research on psychedelic substances and the dissemination, and assistance in the dissemination, of the useful results of such research.
c) the publication of an academic book based on each conference.
The Third Breaking Convention will be held at the University of Greenwich over the weekend of 10-12 July, 2015. The conference programme will include talks by over 120 experts, plus experiential and training workshops, mind-altering installations (including the Lucia No. 5 Hypnagogic Light Machine), art and dance performances, light shows, a comprehensive bookshop, two visionary art exhibitions, live bands and DJs performing at evening parties, and a psychedelic film festival. Ticket prices include a generous welcome pack, containing the printed programme booklet, a complementary copy of Neurotransmissions: Essays on Psychedelics from Breaking Convention, magazines, Breaking Convention stationary, a printed cotton bag, and our trademark Blotter Paper namebadge.
Following the success of the Breaking Convention conferences in 2011 and 2013, the technicolor flag of international psychedelia will be hoisted once again over the weekend of 10-12 July 2015. Breaking Convention 2015 will be held once again at the beautiful, baroque Old Royal Naval College campus of the University of Greenwich

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