Friday, 8 May 2015

Occupy Democracy General Assembly for the Future 7 pm Parliament Square Friday 8 May #ge2015 #olsx #onn #occupydemocracy #housingaction

Urgent call out, shout it loud please 

Occupy Democracy General Assembly for the Future

7 pm Parliament Square Friday 8 May

Let us demonstrate what democracy looks like with an assembly to discuss what we want from a future government.

Using human mic and consensus style hand signals let's show people how we can get together and have a meeting where all voices can be heard. Give other people the tools to have general assemblies/discussions/meetings in their own communities. Livestreamers please come too.

Propose Discussion style GA. 7pm -8.30 pm 

10 -15 mins, intro, hand signals, establish discussion groups

30 - 40 mins break out discussions 5- 10 people per group to come up with 3 key points

20 -40 mins feedback to whole meeting

Could start with this from OL initial statement 
  1. The current system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives; this is where we work towards them.
And  this from OD 

Occupy Democracy is a social movement for a democracy free from corporate control that works for people and planet!
We believe that:
  • our democracy has been captured by corporations, banks and the wealthy,
  • our political system works in the interests of the 1% and not the 99%,
  • nobody voted for NHS privatisation, fracking, TTIP, the tripling of tuition fees, etc,
  • our parliament is a corrupted and unrepresentative institution
  • ordinary people deserve a fair say in the decisions that affect them,
  • our votes, hard won by previous generations, have little value today,
  • there is an alternative!

GA preparation meet 5.30 pm, 30 mins to establish roles and agenda

need A3 flip chart paper and pens for break out groups, ask each group to take a pic of their paper for sharing online and records.

Phoenix has already tweeted about it

Please share on FB/social networks and invite groups/people you know

Let's Occupy Democracy 


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