Tuesday, 19 May 2015

'Democracy' in Barnet doesn't include the public... Sweets Way Resists #housingaction #radicalassembly #onn #olsx #occupydemocracy

'Democracy' in Barnet doesn't include the public...

Sweets Way Resists
London, United Kingdom
16 May 2015 — On Wednesday evening we joined-up with Our West Hendon to deliver our combined 200,000 petition signatures to the Barnet Council AGM. But when we tried to get into the meeting, we were denied entry to the public galleries at Hendon Town Hall after handing the boxes over!

This was a *public* meeting, yet the public only seemed to be let through the gauntlet of police and private security, if they were wearing suits and ties!

Barnet Council told the press that police were called in only later in the evening, but there were two vans full of the Met on hand from the start, with several officers guarding the doors before we even arrived, along with the town hall’s extensive private security detail!

Here’s our version of events: https://sweetswayresists.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/democracy-in-barnet/

If you feel like sharing them, they are totally absent from this piece of local news [http://bit.ly/1KVSZFT], seemingly based entirely off a misleading statement from Barnet Council.

When local news is so biased in favour of the already-powerful, all of our voices are so much more important in getting a human story out into the public, so any sharing you can do of our blog will help it cut through the noise and tell others what we are fighting.

Thanks for all of your ongoing support!

Sweets Way Resists

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Democracy in Barnet
Democracy in Barnet
Tonight was an absolute disgrace at Hendon Town Hall! Barnet Council refused to let any if us from Sweets Way Resists or Our West Hendon into a *public* meeting where decisions about our lives... 

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