Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Freedom Exhibition at the Hive https://www.facebook.com/events/432303666931502/

Open every day 12-7pm between 30May - 13June


Performance evenings 7-10pm Thursday and Saturday

The Hive is a new type of free space in Dalston, a place for ideas and actions, open to the local community and ready to be shaped by them. Freedom! is the Hive’s grand opening project, an event created as a collaboration with the public that will grow and evolve as more people get involved. 

This event will include all sorts of performances, workshops, artworks, talks and activities. 

Artists, this is your chance to inspire the next generation. Imagine the thrill and empowerment a young person will feel when they hang their artworks next to yours, an established artist. 
Parents, don’t miss this opportunity! Bring your children, your friends, your parents, and your parents parents, to listen to a wide range of talented speakers and to get your hands messy with paints, clay, and what ever mediums we can get out hands on.
Join our community to share in the creativity, that we can all be proud of as our art comes to life in the exhibition on the 13th.
The very first opening night, we will be exhibiting artists work all inspired by the concept of Freedom. This exhibition will hopefully get our creative minds tingling as we take you through the next 2 weeks filled with all sorts of interactive workshops and talks for people of all ages, encouraging this sense of community and to provoke our thoughts on Freedom.

On the 13th june - the last event day, we will be holding a final exhibition. An exhibition that will be filled with the journey of Freedom! we have experienced in our Hive over the past two weeks.

Do you know anyone who has any skills they would like to share? Do you have an artwork that you would love to exhibit? OR do you just love the sound of our project and would like to know how to become one of the busy bees in our Hive?
If so email us on respaceprojects@gmail.com

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