Friday, 29 May 2015

Runnymede Eco Village has been summoned to court on Mon June 15th the exact 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta #olsx #onn #occupydemocracy #radicalassembly

Runnymede Eco Village has been summoned to court on Mon June 15th the exact 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta being sealed at Runnymede meadow.

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The original aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the need for disused land to grow food and create low impact off grid dwellings.
Who would have guessed we would have been there 3 years later around the time of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Now blossomed from a tent camp,to an eco village with over 20 different structures,homes made from recycled materials.
All carried on to the site and re used to make homes and sustainable dwellings in a forest community.

The area was heavily fly tipped when we arrived ,and tons of rubbish has been removed.
This is a community of people of all ages from many different walks of life.

It has also been a place for the displaced people of london affected by the recent change in the law to criminalise residential building squatting. (LASPO Act)

( A law fast proving unworkable by mass residential squatting housing protest actions, by the rapidly growing housing movement, in protest at the falsely inflated housing crisis,when there are 1.5 million empty buildings in the UK)
NB It is still legal to squat non residential properties.

Squatting or sheltering in empty buildings has been a right in Britain for time.
It used to be known as crofting.
Move in and fix up and old dilapidated place.

The same LASPO act law removed our rights to fair trial by removing Legal AID for most cases.
So much for equality or equal footing before the law.

We used to gather every saturday  in the first months at the Magna Carta memorial to have circular discussions about land rights, loss of civil liberties ,illegal wars, the criminalisation of squatting and the removal of our rights to protest amongst many subjects of concern around the circle.

The loss of the right to a fair trial "Habeous Corpus" has been seriously affected by our governments support for the so called War on Terror, "Extraordinary Rendition" and the secret prison complex.
Amongst many other removals of Civil Liberties by the War of Terror over the last 10-12 years.

There is a much longer story to be told but late n tired many missions.......

Check out the Festival for Democracy June 12-16th  2015 around the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Many talks and workshops organised by the New Putney Debates ( ) and and the eco villagers.

A history professor from Royal Holloway told us this was supposed to say Freedom through the Law , but the monument had been created by American Lawyers group and it had been carved as Freedom UNDER the law.
What was the difference a great debate to be had,the Professor said in 2012  that in three years time in 2015 there said be a big celebration, of the 800th Anniversary.

Well here we are, a large constitutional debate on civil rights and liberties,with our government wanting to abolish human rights?????

Its up to all of us to discuss a fairer and more sustainable world for all future generations.
The Magna Carta has once again inspired a large debate on rights and freedoms that will be debated globally in the Worlds press.

Hopefully leading to a  world where human rights are more respected and protected,for all future generations.

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