Friday, 18 September 2015

Runnymede eco-village eviction takes place as bailiffs enter site - Get Surrey #onn #olsx #commons #landrights #magnacarta #forestcharter #ancientrights #land #freedom #ecovillage

Runnymede eco-village eviction takes place as bailiffs enter site - Get Surrey

Demolition crews, bailiffs and police officers began undertaking the eviction of residentsat the Runnymede eco-village near Englefield Green on Wednesday morning.
A post on Facebook read: "We are under attack!! Bailiffs are on site....we need support....pls come to runnymede!!!"
One resident, named Vinny, said two houses had been pulled down on the 25-house site.
He said: "They came in roughly at 8am, we thought we would get a notice of intent and pack our bags and things up.
"The bailiffs are all up in the car park with police protecting - we are on an embankment.
"We have been contained in the Runnymede village, they have shut entrances and exits off, we need support.
"There are dogs, Tasers and security sections."

'It's soul destroying'

Vinny said between 25-30 villagers were at the site, standing outside their houses.
"There are about half-a-dozen demolition guys, they are starting in one corner and working their way through," he said.
"They are using sledgehammers, tow bars and saws. We could have collected this all up - now they are contaminating the land.
"We are screaming and shouting."
Another squatter called Luke told Get Surrey: "It's soul destroying, I built my house from the ground up.
"They gave us no notice because we knew we would be ready for them. We live here, this isn't right.
"No-one is talking to us, we have just got to get out."
One of the security guards from the bailiffs team said they had been at the site all morning.
He reported receiving some "abuse" but said there had been no arrests or violence, adding their job was also to ensure that the people moved on did not then return to the site.
Surrey Police confirmed officers were in attendance "while landowners and appointed bailiffs execute a High Court eviction order to remove people illegally occupying an area of land".
A spokesman added: "This is a civil matter where the landowners and bailiffs have primacy.
"Police do have a legal duty to assist bailiffs executing an order of the High Court and officers are in the vicinity to monitor the situation, provide reassurance to the public and, if required, prevent a breach of the peace or other criminal offences."

'Dig in for victory'

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