Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Join us in rebuilding democracy #onn #olsx #democracy #peoplepower #network #antiausterity

Join us in rebuilding democracy

Join us in rebuilding democracy

As campaigners, grassroots activists, trade unionists and members of social movements, we believe the overwhelming election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader presents a great opportunity. Jeremy has campaigned tirelessly over decades for social justice, and we share his vision for rebuilding democracy, respect and community. This election means we can start building a better country and a better world.
Some of us are members of the Labour Party and others not. Jeremy’s victory was made possible by people inside and outside the Labour Party who share a common hope in the future. There is an alternative. Things can get better.
But there is a steep road ahead, during which the government and its allies will attempt to spread fear and division. Parts of the media will attack him because they do not like his agenda of hope and participation. Many MPs will try to limit and constrain the process of giving power back to the people. This will be resisted.
As Jeremy himself has said, rebuilding this country cannot depend on one person. It demands that all of us take our share of responsibility. We commit ourselves to supporting this attempt to rebuild democracy in Britain.
We call on like-minded people to join us, creating a democratic and diverse network through action across the country - we will support each other’s campaigns at a local level as well as support the development of progressive changes at a parliamentary and legislative level.
Jeremy Corbyn provides space to once more allow people to make their voices heard. We must take it.
Hilary Wainwright, Michael Calderbank and James O’Nions, Red Pepper  
George Monbiot, Writer 
John Pandit, Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem
Joseph Blake, People's Parliament
Jacqui Howard, Compass  
Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now 
Liz Davies, barrister, Garden Court Chambers
Michael Mansfield QC, Mansfield Chambers
Asad Rehman, Newham Monitoring Project 
Lee Jasper, Black Activist Rising Against Cuts (BARAC)
Suresh Grover, The Monitoring Project
Ewa Jasiewicz, Fuel Poverty Action   
David Graeber, writer and anthropologist
Emma Hughes, Platform 
Selma James, Global Women's Strike
Amrit Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group
Michael Rosen, Poet
Guy Taylor, Globalise Resistance
James Elliot, NUS Disabled Students' Campaign
Rosie Mudinki  All African Women's Group
Deborah Hermanns, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
Anna Minton, author Ground Control, 
Noel Douglas, Occupy Design
Alison Playford, Occupy London 
Luke Cooper, activist 
Rita Chadha, Chief Exec, RAMFEL 
Andy Greene, Linda Burnip, Debbie Jolly, Bod Ellard & Paula Peters, Disabled People Against Cuts
Shaun Dey, Reel News 
David Renton, barrister, Garden Court Chambers
Jan Woolf, chair Left Book Club
Mark Curtis, writer 
Bert Schouwenburg, trade unionist 
Rajiv Menon QC, Garden Court Chambers
Dr Jo Ram, co-founder Community Reinvest and University College Union member
Aaron Bastani, Co-founder of Novara Media
Marc O'Neil, UK Uncut
Ian Hodson, Fast Food Rights
Sujata Aurora, anti-racist campaigner 
Jacqui Howard, Compass
Sirio CanĂ³s Donnay, Podemos London
Andrea Pisauro, Sinistra Ecologia Liberta UK
Andrew Simms, The New Weather Institute, Author 
Charlotte Bence, Unite London & Eastern Young Members' Committee
Jo Littler, Soundings
Victoria Chick, Economists Against Austerity
Joel Lazarus, community educator
Jeremy Gilbert, academic
Nina Lopez, Legal Action for Women
Max Harris, All Souls College, Oxford
Mark Burton, Scholar activist, Manchester
Gail Bradbrook, Compassionate Revolution
Angus McNelly, Occupy Tours
Natasha Nkonde, Community Organiser
Sam Mason, GMB rep/Climate activist
Joe Taylor, National Community Activists Network
Symon Hill, Christian author
Aaron Kiely, Student Assembly Against Austerity
Gabriel Bristow, London Play & Youth Work Campaign
Alison Allan, Hilary Saunders, Steve Timmins & Sue Kilroe, The Greater Bristol Alliance
Natasha Maria Brooks, Maia Kelly, Aislinn Lambert, Sakina Sheikh & Khinezar Tint, Students Against TTIP
Zita Holbourne, BARAC UK, poet & artist
Rafeef Ziadah and Michael Deas, Palestinian BDS National Committee
Mostafa Rajaai, NUS International Students' Officer
Pat Stack, activist 
Michael Chessum, activist
Beth Redmond, NUS national executive
Ruth Cashman, Right to Strike Campaign
Jill Mountford, Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign 
Daisy Bata, Ritzy Cinema Staff Living Wage Campaign
Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes
Mika Minio, Energy Democracy Project
Sara Callaway, Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike
Jason Moyer-Lee, Independent Workers of Great Britain 
Cathy Nugent, editor of Solidarity
Craig Gent, Novara Wire Editor
Diana Garcia Lopez, Cambridge People's Assembly
Neil Kirkham, Cambridge People's Assembly
Neil Swannick, Hannah Mitchell Foundation
Derek Clarke, High Peak Co-operative Party
Adam Ramsay, journalist
Shakira Martin, NUS Vice President Further Education
Didi Rossi, Queer Strike
Estella Schmid, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign
Jess Worth, Hazel Healy, Chris Brazier, Chris Spannos and Jamie Kelsey-Fry, New Internationalist
Jeremy Hardy, comedian

Count me in!

I’m interested in an alliance of activists inside and outside the Labour Party to build on the hope Jeremy has generated. Keep me informed and put me in touch with others in my area.

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