Tuesday, 22 September 2015

‘Re-Imagine Democracy - towards a Citizens Convention on the Constitution’ Called by Assemblies for Democracy and Occupy Democracy-Saturday, November 14 #onn #olsx #democracy #constitution

‘Re-Imagine Democracy - towards a Citizens Convention on the Constitution’ 
Called by Assemblies for Democracy and Occupy Democracy

Saturday, November 14
Doors open 10.15am
Waterloo Action Centre
14 Baylis Rd, SE1 7AA

With John McDonnell MP, shadow chancellor, Liz Davies (Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers) and speakers from Occupy Democracy, openDemocracy plus others

Break-outs on:
  • Why do we need a new constitution? How would it address our democratic deficit?
  • Austerity as an issue of democracy 
  • Beyond the “dis-united kingdom” – federalism, independence &
  • other models
  • Republicanism: a way forward? 
  • Human/trade union rights and democracy
  • The European Union and democracy - are they compatible? 
  • Beyond representation: direct/participatory democracy
There is a hunger for democratic change, expressed in last year’s independence referendum in Scotland and in the wave of enthusiasm for renewal generated by Jeremy Corbyn’s stunning campaign. 

Our votes count for less and less while our rights are under unprecedented assault. The planned abolition of the Human Rights Act, the destruction of legal aid and unlimited surveillance gives the state unparalleled powers over us, undermining the rule of law.

Draconian new anti-union laws will make it virtually impossible to take lawful strike action. 
A state that demonises minorities in the UK and abroad lacks the democratic credentials it claims for itself. 
Britain’s piecemeal constitution is broken and needs replacing with a 21st century democracy that works in the interests of the majority. A Citizens Convention on a new constitution can help bring this about. 

Supported by Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, Unlock Democracy, Involve, Agreement of the People, Republican Socialist Alliance, A World to Win, NatCAN,

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