Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Runnymede Eco Village Diggers 2015 Magna Carta Artist Taxi Driver #olsx #onn #radicalassembly #occupydemocracy

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  1. Hi Phoenix

    It's Nick here- hoping to do an article for Vice (and other publications). I'll be coming up today for a few days. Not sure if anyone has calculated this but I was thinking last night that the eco-village probably has a very low Ecological Footprint- maybe as low as the 1.8 gHa per capita that is deemed the global requirement for a sustainable planet.
    If you go to the Lammas site here: it would be possible to calculate the footprint for each household in the village. If possible I'd like to calculate the Ecological Footprint of the village and put it in my article. It would be part of an argument that the village is a) one of the few if not only communities in the UK living within the 1.88 gHA per capita global requirement for our planetary survival b) is therefore modelling a Low or even Zero Carbon/ Waste way of life that we have to collectively transition to c) Should be eligible for something along the lines of a One Planet Development planning status they have in Wales.

    Other sites to measure it include:

    here's my personal email: