Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Appeal for Funds to help the cause Campaigning costs for Land Rights and Civil Liberties costs DONATE network it #onn #olsx #radical assembly

Hi folks Campaigning costs,if you want to support the cause then click on the Donate button on right column of this blog.
Campaigning for land rights and civil liberties costs, travel,phone bills, photocopying, faxing, petrol,printing, food etc etc
If anyone out there from USA to S.Korea who reads this blog can help, then donate and do so.
The Phoenix networking machine is running on thin air and magic.

Anything will help £1,£5,£50 or £100 or  more, it all helps the cause.
All funds gratefully accepted and will be worked to the max to help people and planet.

Ideally longer term we would like to raise £ 3-400, to pay off my phone contract for unltd Data ,and be able to live stream the actions and adventures of the Phoenix Rainbow Rollercoaster,freedom train campaigning for the rights and liberties of all. To live sustainably on this planet,to share the common wealth of all.

IF u want to help now is the time.Now is the moment of power.Hit the donate button and send me an email to Phoenixrainbow23@gmail.com to say what and why you've donated.
Many thanks to the abundant universe.Love resistance and sustainability Phoenix

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