Saturday, 13 June 2015

BREAKING: "Festival for Democracy" surrounded by riot police and helicopters but festival Is on come #olsx #onn #radicalassembly #nhs #austerity #runnymede


BREAKING: "Festival for Democracy" surrounded by riot police and helicopters

  • Eco-villagers call for support as authorities attempt to shut down festival
  • Authorities actions reveal sham of Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrataions
  • Two arrests so far including live-streamer

Police and authorities are attempting to shut down the Runnymede Eco-village "Festival for Democracy" taking place this weekend. The festival is due to include a series of discussions around the future of democracy including contributions from Professor Guy Standing (SOAS, author of The Precariat Charter), Anthony Barnett (OpenDemocracy) and Donnachadh McCarthy (former vice chair of the Liberal Democrats). 

Phoenix Rainbow said:

"It seems like the authorities want to put the village under seige. But people are still getting in. We are encouraging people to keep coming and to bring food and water. We cannot allow the Tory Tyranny to surpress our freedoms and surpress genuine democratic debate."

"We have been negotiating with police all day. Police seem to be relaxing if people show them some ID. Keep coming to defend you civl liberties and democratic rights. The festival is carrying on with some great music on the main stage."

At the time of going to press, two people have been arrested. The first person to be arrested was providing coverage of the festival by live-stream for Occupy London. This is part of a worrying pattern of police arresting jounalists at Occupy Democracy protests over the past several months.

Police say that due to the cuts, they have had to draft in officers from four different forces for the operation. The London TSG riot police are also in attendance.

It looks like the story this weekend is going to be of an official celebration of the freedoms of the Magna Carta in one field, while the state will be oppressing peoples' rights in the next field.


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