Thursday, 25 June 2015

Phoenix on BBC Radio Surrey 8am this Morning Live raising issues ofCivil liberties and Land rights - Great interview 3 mins Networkit #onn #olsx #radicalassembly #occupydemocracy #commons

Phoenix on BBC Radio Surrey 8am this Morning Live,  raising issues of Civil liberties and Land rights - Great interview 3 mins Network it #onn #olsx #radicalassembly #occupydemocracy #commons

My Notes before the interview (photo below) managed to get 90% out (except crossed over stuff) as well as Laspo act removing Legal aid therefore Rights to a Fair Trial, The criminalisation of residential squatting.
Also Extraordinary Rendition removal of Habeous Corpus Rights to a Fair Trial.

This case and the village is going to raise major issues of Constitutional Law, our rights to subsist,(to stand firm and sustain yourself) from the forest and wasteland.Granted by the Forest Charter,common and Natural law.

The Earth is a Commonwealth for all,and if we as a species are to survive we need to share out the resources in a fairer and sustainable way.

The real meaning of 'Jubilee" from the Bible was that there was a sharing out of land and wealth every 5o years to prevent the massive inequalities and social unrest we see now.

There are millions of acres of disused land in this country,why import apples from New Zealand and S.Africa when we can grow them in surrey,Kent or your own back yard,rooftop oron some disused wasteland.
0.68% owns nearly 70% of the land,we have a similar land distribution to Norman times,only Brazil has a worse distribution of land ratio.

If u have land you would like to share for permaculture,eco village or growing projects get in touch.
Operation green up the planet is on,lets go incredible edible and think global by planting local.

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  1. It's great you got your say in!

    Thanks Pheonix for all your efforts! Three cheers from Australia.


  2. Cheers Monty it really means a lot to get feedback from Auz, i will get there one day.
    Met a lots of good ozies and kiwis through Squatting.
    What do u do,whats things like your end,keep networking eco global innit bro