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Noam Chomskys Magna Carta Village - Documentary | Indiegogo #onn #olsx #commons #sustainable #offgrid

Noam Chomskys Magna Carta Village - Documentary | Indiegogo

Defending our Freedom and the air we breathe - an Off the Grid Village shows the way forward.
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Eco-Village battles for survival

  • I wrote two books about living Off the Grid (Penguin 2010 and Bantam 2008). My most recent documentary series was a two part for BBC World titled "Inside the World of China's Super-Rich." 
  • I want to make a film about how and why people choose to live off grid when they could be in the comfort of an air-conditioned home. But TV does not want films which both portray this new lifestyle and challenge our preconceptions about property ownership . TV wants primped and preened "perfect families" or else dumbass survivalists to be mocked in a reality series.
  • You can help make a film which is both passionate about our Civil liberties and highly informative about exactly how to live off the grid in comfort and style.
  • I have chosen to focus on the Runnymede Eco-Village because they have been around for several years, and are a successful, vibrant, growing community. 
  • Noam Chomsky has endorsed the Village, and this project, in the trailer you can see on Vimeo
  •  And by juxtaposing their story with the 800th Magna Carta anniversary, we raise issues about personal freedom and society's wariness about a lifestyle that harms no-one and can only help our planet, and our civilisation survive.
  • The Village has already had a lot of media coverage - but nobody has told the story from the inside over an extended period of time, with key interviews from all the players including local History professor Justin Champion, one of the world's leading experts on the Magna Carta.
  • You can see some beautiful pictures here that capture the essence of the woodland just as we have already done in our filming:

What We Need & What You Get

  • Until now, the many hours of filming to capture life inside the Eco-Village has been done for a few hundred pounds.  But we need the money to pay for an experienced crew and good equipment for a few days, and above all an experienced editor who can take the material and help shape it into a compelling film
  • Then there is music and final production quality checks before the film can be released and marketed at festivals.
  • I will not be taking a penny myself, but the professionals whose skills are needed do need to be paid a market rate.
  • As well as knowing you helped make the film and receiving a copy yourself, you can donate enough for an on-screen credit, producer status, and in case of larger donors, if you are interested I will give you a personal tour of this eco-village and/or others like it.
  • If we do not reach our entire goal, we will simply do the best we can on the budget we achieve.

  • Telling a global audience that they too can leave clean, green lives, at low cost and free - outside the system 
I expect to release this film by September 2015:
  • It will provide an inspiration for similar projects around the world
  • And be a reference point for  techniques and social organisation
  • On our Youtube site you can see over 90 short film made with off-gridders around the world (
  • Now please help us make a long film that covers the world in more detail

  • They may be evicted before filming finishes
Court proceedings have started, and the eco-village might be short-lived, but its residents will scatter across the UK and Europe, starting other communities.
We are already filming at several other communities. So even if we have to go elsewhere to finish the film, your funding will enable us to do so.
  • I have been an award-winning documentary maker for 20 years and I always finish the projects I start.

  • I hope you can join the quest
  • Even if you cannot donate right now
  • Please send us your own videos of off-grid communities 
  •  Please get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

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