Sunday, 10 May 2015

openDemocracy spoke today at #occupydemocracy #olsx #onn #ge2015 #nhs #housingaction


- is a digital commons not a magazine – a public service on the web not a commodity
- is an independent, public interest, not-for-profit; a counter to the corporate media
- champions human rights
- seeks out and debates forms of democratic change
- delights in good ideas vigorously debated and argument backed by investigation
- critiques vested interests
- supports pluralist inclusion without populism and tries to a give voice to those marginalised
- tries neither to blink at the crisis of government nor cultivate alarmism
- opposes fundamentalisms, including market fundamentalism
- regards the freedom and liberty of others as our own
- practices 'openness', rather than grasp at stultifying ‘neutrality’
- publishes under Creative Commons licensing
- supports peace-making and reconciliation
- is committed to global education and encouraging good and creative writing
- welcomes a range of forms to enable us to respond swiftly and interrogate deeply

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