Monday, 4 May 2015

Monday May 4th: Proggramme Make politicians accountable! #OCCUPYDEMOCRACY #ge2015 #onn #olsx

Programme – May 1-10 | OCCUPY DEMOCRACY
Monday May 4th: Make politicians accountable!
Ridding politicians of vested interests and second jobs so they represent their constituents will be the focus of the day, while a direct action and series of workshops will focus on why we need system change to tackle climate change.
Smiley faceOccupy Gandhi (12pm) will be a peaceful direct action underneath the statue of Gandhi on Parliament Square calling for criminalisation of fossil fuel exploration and investment. Watch this video explaining the rationale of the action.
occ_may2While Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth (2pm-6pm) is series of speakers and workshops on why we need system change if we are to effectively tackle climate change. Asad Rehman from Friends of the Earth will set out the big picture (2pm), Mel Strckland will run a workshop on  Reclaim The Power (2:20pm), Suzanne Jeffery speaks about the Trades Union’s One Million Climate Jobs, Jo Ram of Community Reinvest will run a workshop about moving investments out of fossil fuel companies and into community-run renewable energy initiatives (3:40pm), Pete Deane speaks about the Green Investment Bank (4:30pm) and the session ends with an improvised participative theatre performance of Postman Frack (5pm).
This will be followed at by the PFI Walking Tour featuring citizen journalist Scriptonite (6pm). Learn why PFI was set up, what the impact has been on our public services and local citizens, and who has profited at the taxpayers expense. Launch of Robin Grey’s election single Fuck Off Back To Eton.

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