Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fridays Occupy Democracy General Assembly, Discussion Notes about the future #ge2015.#olsx #onn #nhs #occupydemocracy #housingaction

"7pm - 830 pm OD General Assembly, Discussion style about the future.

Drizzle cleared, we spread a tarpaulin in the middle of Parliament Square.

20 + people at the beginning, 30 - 40 by the end. 

Facilitator Saskia
Stack Chris
Notes/Minutes David
livestream Obi

Introduced hand signals, loose agenda starting with how do people feel today and then moving to solutions/suggestions. Meeting decided to stay as one group, (not have break outs).

Started with "The current system is unsustainable, undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives, this is where we work towards them". The act of having a consensus style Assembly in Parliament Square is a demonstration of Occupy as a place for ideas, discussion, listening and encouraging all voices. 

People shared perspectives, meeting welcomed several new people who had never been before and encouraged them to join discussion.

Suggestions and action points for Occupy Democracy moving forwards:

-We should look to support other groups' campaigns so they support us and build links focusing on what we have in common with eachother

-An end of the month march for the human right to housing every month on Sundays

-We make a list of all activist groups and get in touch and ask how we can work together

-Idea expressed that we shouldn't try to define Occupy. It is a space people come to learn and share and visit when they want. It doesn't have to establish an identity

-Idea express that we should make more use of the Occupy events page to publicise different activism

-The group should meet regularly. When communities meet regularly they achieve good things.

-We should challenge people in our daily lives if we hear somebody say something we object to, eg racism.

- Opinion expressed that OD should spend more time planning practical community projects people can get involved in.

-OD has mostly over-25s. We should try to tap into the youth more.

-Idea expressed that we should use social media more to publicise the event. It was expressed that there were only about 20 people at the meeting but that millions would be interested in change. Reminded people of OD website, Twitter and FB accounts for more info

- We need more people, how do we build a mass movement? 

- Solidarity actions with other groups

- Keep having our own actions, publicise widely, people will come

- Encourage people to have their own assemblies in their communities

-Support for another assembly tomorrow evening (Saturday

- closed assembly with OD demands read out."

Solidarity all

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