Sunday, 3 May 2015

Commons Workshop at Occupy Democracy #olsx #onn #occupydemocracy #GE2015 a great discussion,Reclaim the Commons Our air,water,NHS Council /social housing A common treasury for all

Occupy Democracy : 
"The city itself should arguably be treated as a common: a collective physical and cultural creation by and for its inhabitants. However the range of activities permitted in urban spaces is becoming increasingly narrow. Many streets and squares are now managed by private owners and those held by the state are too often sanitised by public space designs that serve to enhance local property values and business rates. This leaves little possibility for the urban public to be used productively by its communities to sustain themselves materially or culturally. Where today is there space in public for people to work together to produce the city and its resources outside of market demands?
Commons Rising Participatory Workshop
Introduction to what Commons Rising does and the CommonsFest2015. Introductions and why people  have come, what they expect etc

1) give examples of Contemporary Commons and explore the principles behind them (Wealth of the Commons book and free online at Social Charter.
2) describe the Urban Commons - existing ones and the competition. Invite people to create their own Urban Commons. (
3) Invite people to consider to what extent Occupy democracy is a Commons - if so what kind it is and how it could develop as a Commons
4) If people have smartphones and tablets to map out existing Commons.
5) Introduction to communities self organizing using Max Neef's Human Scale Development based on recognition of needs and well-being as the basis for economy (from Latin America) You Tube (the matrix is on p33-35)
We can work in break out groups and work on one of these themes or all of them. The aim is to get people directly involved with the commons to work out how they might find an entry point into commoning for themselves.

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