Thursday, 18 August 2016

Reclaim the Power – Airport Flashmob & Critical Mass #olsx #occupy #StopAirportExpansion #NoNewRunways #action #climate #justice

Reclaim the Power – Airport Flashmob & Critical Mass

well be back
The Heathrow 13 celebrate at the end of their trial in February

Will YOU pledge to join ourAirport Flashmob & Critical Mass
on Sat 1st Oct?

Tell the government & aviation industry to #StayGroundedWe need to #StopAirportExpansionand that means #NoNewRunways anywhere!
Amidst a crazy political maelstrom, expansion plans at London City Airport have been given the green light in July 2016. The UK government is now expected to announce plans for a new runway, probably at Heathrow or Gatwick, in October – a decision which hangs in the air like a noose over our heads, and which we know will place the interests of a wealthy minority, and the profits of corrupt corporations, over the lives of ordinary people.

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