Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ocean under stress - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Ocean under stress - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Triple Trouble - Ocean Under Stress

Hot, sour and breathlessOver the coming decades and centuries, ocean health will become increasingly stressed by at least three interacting factors. Rising seawater temperature, ocean acidification and ocean deoxygenation will cause substantial changes in marine physics, chemistry and biology. These changes will affect the ocean in ways that we are only beginning to understand.
It is imperative that international decision-makers and stakeholders understand the enormous role the ocean plays in sustaining life on Earth, and the consequences of a high CO2 world for the ocean and society.
Following awareness raising of ocean acidification at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meetings (2009 - 2012), the international partnership* is now highlighting its concern about the impacts of interacting stressors and have developed an Ocean Stress Guide.
This publication, coordinated by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, has received support from international organisations and programmes.

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