Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunbirds funeral Glastonbury photos a warrior of the Rainbow brother ofour tribe passes to the other worlds

Sunbird who came to join the tribe at the One world Rainbow Centre The squatted St. John the Baptist church in Kentish Town where Rainbow Tribe gathered 1993-96.
Has sadly passed on to the other worlds, to the summer lands as our Celtic ancestors called it.
He was an inspiration to many a generation creating gatherings parties and festivals enjoyed by many hundreds of thousands of people.

He passed away in a road accident travelling between Switzerland and Italian festivals doing the work he loved. In death as in life he brought us all together, a massive tribe of well wishers gathered to celebrate his life in the church of Saint John the Baptist Glastonbury.

Psy trance played and the four directions were honoured inside the church. There was then a procession to the white spring where a water ceremony was conducted for this man, a water wizard who shared the water of the worlds with many.
A large procession then headed up Glastonbury Tor to circle around the tor with the Dragon, followed by a large circle when where many people spoke of his great works and how he inspired so many people.
It was a very moving ceremony he will be missed, but in his passing, he is asking us all to step up to share our gifts, to create gatherings and celebrations for the earth.

His Earth heart cafe was at the heart of many festivals over the last two decades travelling across Europe and the world. The day ended with a full on tribal  gathering in the King Arthur pub Glastonbury.Where many tribe met moot and celebrated his life.
Fly free brother Sunbird your life touched many and inspired much action.
Death is only a doorway ,the ancient Celts did not fear death as they knew we lead many lives in many incarnations,death is the beginning of the next great adventure.

Travel well to the other worlds brother Warrior of the Rainbow, you can't kill the spirit
one love Phoenix

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