Monday, 31 August 2015

Malaysia PM says protest organisers are 'haram' - Al Jazeera English #protest #electoralreform #onn #olsx #Malaysia

Malaysia PM says protest organisers are 'haram' - Al Jazeera English

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has condemned the organisers of demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur calling for his resignation as "haram,"  during his annual address on the eve of Independence Day.

Tens of thousands of protesters have called for Najib to stand down, after leaked documents in July showed he received about $700m in his private accounts from entities linked to an indebted state fund.
Najib said the protests mirrored "the shallowness of patriotism" and reminded protesters that the mufti of the state of Kelantan had called the protest organisers -  the electoral reform pressure group Bersih - "haram".
"Before I make a further statement, I appeal to all, especially those here, either sitting here or standing, that without wasting time, let's focus our attention to silence and ponder and close our eyes," Najib said.
"The fact that we are gathered here peacefully is a testament to the leadership of the country as well as those defending the safety of the country. That is why we are against any demonstrations."
The thousands of yellow-clad protesters, who slept on the streets near the city's Independence Square, had woken on Sunday to mass exercises and a resumption of the previous day's peaceful demonstration.

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