Thursday, 20 August 2015

Runnymede Eco Village back in High court of Appeal Sept 10th Raising issues of removal of our Magna Carta Rights to Fair Trial,legal Aid,Forest Charter and Common law #onn #olsx #magnacarta #commons #legalaid #protest #Runnymede #ecovillage @occupyWallst #democracy

Runnymede eco village  returns to High Court of appeal the Strand london on September the 10th.
This Historic appeal case will raise major issues of Constitutional Law.

The Eco village was taken to court after 3 years of occupation on June 15th the exact 800th anniversary of  the Magna Carta being sealed. 
The Judge on the day addressed and ruled on some of our arguments on licence and ECHR European court of Human rights.

However he very strangely did not even address or make any ruling on our arguments under the Magna Carta, Forest charter and Common Law.
This was most strange that on the exact 800th anniversary  day, while the Queen and world leaders gathered to celebrate the whats left of the Magna Carta, the Judge did not even mention the words "Magna Carta".Its even as if he was warned not to mention it in any ruling.

Let alone address our arguments under Magna Carta article 39 , rights to a fair Trial being removed by our governments support for extraordinary rendition,the secret prison complex. 
The removal of our Legal Aid and how this has affected Habeous Corpus and rights to a fair trial.

Our rights to seek redress by occupation of crown/government land and buildings from article 61 of the Magna Carta.
That these rights were granted in perpetuity ( perpetual/for ever) 
that the  sovereignty of the people  has been gradually removed and wittled away,with ever increasing draconian laws.
The judge did not address our rights under the Forest Charter,rights to sustain ourselves from the wasteland and woodland,which at Runnymede we have occupied for over 3 years.

And finally the Judge completely ignored and failed to address in his ruling  Mr. Hampsons arguments on common law.Our rights to share the common wealth of the earth.

It is for these reasons that we were given leave to appeal at the High court.

The Runnymede Festival for democracy was heavily suppressed by the police and authorities, sending Police from 7 counties forces,to surround the village and deny access to hundreds of people and guest speakers on the Magna Carta and emissaries from countries as far away as Kurdistan.
Despite this many hundreds made it into the event under over or through the fences.Never give up keep struggling and striving for a better world.

A call was put out from the Runnymede Festival for Democracy from the eco villagers,Occupy Democracy/Occupy london,The Putney debates,Assemblies for Democracy,Open democracy,Members of the Peoples assembly and Radical assembly and Brick lane debates for a Citizen led Constitutional Convention,similar to that created by the people of Iceland. and the above groups are working towards a convention around november time.

Its time to Reclaim our democracy from the Corrupt politicians,and their corporate cronies whose,corporate Coup of TTIP the undemocratic Trans atlantic Trade agreement, is rushing us down the road to Tyrrany.
Reclaim the power Now is the Hour.
Keep networking,Real democracy Now
U can't kill the Spirit, u can't kill an idea 
Lets create a fair,just and  sustainable future for all future generations.
viva the resistance Phoenix

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