Monday, 3 August 2015

Squatting protests – as they happened | News | The Guardian Action on Justice Ministers gaff against squatting criminalisation of those who shelter in empty buildings

Squatting protests – as they happened | News | The Guardian

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Two of them clambered onto the porch roof of Clarke's terraced house in a quiet residential street a stone's throw from parliament just before 1.30pm to draw attention to the government's plans to criminalise squatters. They unfurled banners declaring 'housing is a human right' and served a mock six-month eviction notice on him.
There was no sign of any police officers while the activists protested on Clarke's porch roof.
Phoenix, one of the activists involved in today's protest, is a veteran squatter. He has been involved in hundreds of direct action protests, beginning with the anti-roads protest in Twyford Down in 1992 and has lost count of how many buildings he has scaled to draw attention to a variety of causes.
The activists barged into a TV interview with Alastair Darling on College Green and demanded to know whether or not he was backing the government's proposals to toughen up anti-squatting legislation. He declined to respond. They then visited the recently vacated Lib Dem HQ and made a failed attempt to squat it.
"It's now an empty property. It would make a perfect community centre," said Phoenix.

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