Tuesday, 18 August 2015

MAST Produktion - Swedish article on squatting and the Bohemians

MAST Produktion

needs google translate

No one knows how many they are , few know where they live or how they live - but more have an opinion about them. They are squatters , squatters , and are available across London . Some do it to escape homelessness , others by political conviction or to avoid high rents .

Here some of them about why they are occupying.

Peter Phoenix (left) , Mordechai Ben Avrohum and Daniel Gardonyi under a "crew meeting" , where they go through what needs to be done during the day . In addition to planning activities discussed practical issues such as cleaning and washing . The activists say they work horizontally, which means that they have no leader. Instead they aim to achieve consensus , then make decisions that everyone in the group feels that they can stand behind .

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