Thursday, 8 September 2016

Seeds for Change - training and support #olsx #skillshare #resistance #cooperation

Seeds for Change - training and support

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Strengthening co-operation,
Empowering resistance

Seeds for Change is a workers' co-operative providing training, advice and resources on effective group and campaign skills. We also help plan and facilitate meetings and provide advice for co-operatives.
We work with groups and organisations fighting to protect communities, stopping environmental devastation or creating socially just and sustainable alternatives.
Whether you are a local community group or a national campaign network, a co-operative or a charity - we can help you become more strategic, inclusive and sustainable in what you do.
We offer support in: collective organising, developing your strategy, campaign and action skills, setting up groups and co-ops, co-op governance and training for trainers.
If you are an unfunded grassroots group we can support you for a small donation. We charge for our work with organisations with funds or income.
Please contact us to arrange training or other support.

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