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ARCHIVE SQUAT CAMPAIGN 2011 squatters sleep out on tot hill place of free speech parliament,picnic quick rep - UK Indymedia

squatters sleep out on tot hill place of free speech parliament,picnic quick rep - UK Indymedia

squatters sleep out on tot hill place of free speech parliament,picnic quick rep

free speeker | 01.11.2011 06:00 
Quick report Police moved on a picnic of concerned citizens and squatters.expressing their opinions about the criminalisation of squatting

A picnic occured tonight on old palace yard,just behind westminster abbey on celtic new year( Happy Samhain.)
this place is an ancient gathering spot for the peoples of this land , was the place of tot hill fayre. an ancient fayre of free speech, and where the laws of the country where made in old druidic times
To this place came a sleep out of squatters, homeless and concerned citizens, aware that the govt was trying to criminalise squatting despite in the recent consultation 96% of replies said they did not want the criminalisation.
The govt is rushing through bypassing democracy to criminalise the homeless in a housing crisis for sheltering in empty buildings .with the punishment of 6 months in prison.Adding a clause to the legal aid bill,To be debated and discussed in parliament today tues 1St Nov. 4pm debate starts.

(Parliament is open 2.30pm-10pm for the public to visit .John Mcdonnel MP has booked room 20 for any concerned citizens to go to on this issue
You can go in to lobby or Green card your MP.
Many groups are calling for many people to come into parliament at this time. )

The police surrounded this group of people and despite repeated liason from legal observers and media,letting them know it was a peacefull picnic of the public,Including much free speech from many around the discussion. they proceeded to insist the picnic was a demonstration despite no banners,or evidence provided by the police as to why this new year picnic was a protest or demonstration.
There was a lively and bravely focalised discussion of the many opinions around the assembled,,at points 200-300 people maybe,People from St.pauls and other occupations.Then after much discussion of options,other locations,possible arrest,as most began to move reluctantly the police moved around to encircle and began to arrest, .They proceeded to do Socpa warnings,and do random arrests of members of the public who had told them they where there to picnic.
There were many people from many squats out on the streets tonight,united in coming out of the squats and into the streets.
As some brave soul sister expressed we could be arrested hear or in our squats when this law will illegalise us.
There were many people arrested as the police kettled at one corner of parliament square.Many people were snatch squaded and even journalists were arrested.
Free speech denied again,this was a quick report,respect to all.
Check www.squashcampaign.org

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