Sunday, 12 June 2016

Anti Fracking appeal from Greenpeace #olsx #occupy #frackoff #fracking

We have reached a critical moment in our fight against fracking and need your help to continue our work.
As I’m sure you are aware the village of Kirby Misperton in Ryedale, North Yorkshire was the first place approved in the UK for fracking tests to take place, despite overwhelming opposition and the local council receiving over 4,000 objections (1). This could pave the way for fracking not only in North Yorkshire but across the UK, industrialising the countryside. 
Now we must act urgently, to make sure David Cameron and other political leaders know that we don’t want or need fracking anywhere. Could you help us by making a regular donation of just £3 a month?
In Scotland also Parliament only narrowly voted in favour of a ban on fracking, with the SNP abstaining from the vote and and failing to commit to a full ban on fracking.
A donation from you will allow us to build a stronger movement and take people’s objections straight to the heart of government, asking for commitments to ensure the UK remains frack free.  We will also investigate fracking companies; exposing their lack of experience, shoddy safety records and dodgy financing, to further discredit this dangerous industry.
With your help we can stand with communities like Ryedale, who are under siege from the powerful fracking industry.
North Yorkshire council received just 36 letters in support of fracking in Ryedale but thousands of objections, and hundreds of thousands more of you have spoken out against fracking all across the UK. 
Please help us continue our campaign against fracking by giving a monthly donation towards our work:
Together we can win.
Thank you for all your support,
Danni Adam
Greenpeace UK
PS Fracking and the search for more fossil fuels to burn will only make climate change worse. The government is going all out for shale while at the same time cutting subsides to the solar industry, undermining our nation’s progress towards the widespread adoption of renewable energy. Please donate so together we can build a cleaner, greener future.

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