Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Party after D12 red lines action at La generalle goes off vive la resistance #olsx #copparis21 #nicop21 @occupynn #party #protest #environment #movement

The Party of resistance at La Generalle in Paris after the D12 Red Lines action ,where we Reclaimed the Streets next to L'Arc de Triomphe, despite the French Authorities State of Emergency which banned all protest by more then 2 people with a political message.

Go through the fear and protest anyway,we are more possible than they can powerfully imagine.

Power to the People ,Reclaim the Power, now is the hour, the politicians and corporate criminal allies have crossed the red line, they care not for your children's future ,but  only for the next 5-10 year profit margin.

The people are rising to Reclaim the Power and Reclaim the Future......keep networking,build the rebel Alliance across the world.
Vive la Revolution/Evolution.
banging rawcus party celebrating in true rebel alliance style,well enjoyed by the London old school squat ravers club on tour.....party and protest all the way...

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