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(16) Housing and Planning Bill Demonstration WAKE THE FUCK UP THEY ABOUT TO FUCK YOUR HOUSING #olsx #housing @occupynn #protest

(16) Housing and Planning Bill Demonstration

The Housing and Planning Bill is one of the most dangerous and far-reaching pieces of legislation passed in this country in a long time, yet its true impact has been unreported in the mainstream press and is largely unknown to the general public.

If passed, the Bill will:

1) Supplant the obligation to build homes for social rent with a duty to build starter homes capped at £450,000 in London and £250,000 in England;

2) Extend the Right to Buy to housing associations;

3) Oblige local authorities to sell ‘high value’ housing;

4) Under Pay to Stay, force so-called ‘high income’ tenants with a total household income over £30,000 (£40,000 in London) to pay market rents;

5) Grant planning permission in principle for housing estates designated as such to be redeveloped as 'brownfield land';

6) Phase out secure tenancies and their succession to children and replace them with 2-5 year tenancies - such tenancies also being applicable to tenants who have been 'decanted' for the purposes of redevelopment.

Below is the list of the more than 150 written submissions to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee in response to the Housing and Planning Bill, which shows just how widespread the concern is about its contents and legislation within the housing sector.

This is the basis of the list of groups and individuals we'll be inviting to attend or support the demonstration Architects for Social Housing (ASH) are proposing at the Houses of Parliament on the 5th of January, 2016, when the Bill will be read for the third and final time before being passed to the House of Lords.

Under the banner of 'Kill the Housing Bill', a number of housing groups and trades unions have already started a campaign against the Bill, and this demonstration is being proposed in conjunction with Defend Council Housing, whose details and petition can be found here:

Despite this widespread expression of opposition by both public and private bodies, none of the concerns expressed to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee altered, in any meaningful way, the contents of the Bill up to the report stage. Instead, the government has made plans to fast-track the Bill into law.

When the democratic process fails, as it has here, it's our duty to take other measures to make ourselves heard. The press has largely ignored or misrepresented the true reach of the Bill and its consequences. It is for this reason that we have decided to hold a demonstration.

However, simply turning up on the day is not enough. In a very short space of time we need to build a campaign that has the support and backing of a popular opposition to the Bill whose focus is on stopping its passage into law.

To this end, Architects for Social Housing will shortly be releasing a brief press statement for distribution. In the meantime, our report on the Bill and its consequences for social housing can be found here:

If you can help with organising this campaign, please get in touch and help spread our plans. If you want to be involved, if you have contacts in the media and press, or if you know of any housing groups that would want to support this campaign or are already running their own, please copy them into this event page. We need to get as many people and organisations behind this campaign as possible if it is to have any chance of success.

151. Greater Manchester Combined Authority
150. Durham County
149. Igloo Regeneration
148. Cllr Armorel J Carlyon, Truro City Council
147. Levitt Bernstein
146. Unit Eleven Housing Co-operative
145. Fowzia Hoosain
144. Tristan Mackie, Gweek Parish Councillor, and Steering Group Member for Cornwall for Change
143. Councillor Saima Ashraf, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Barking and Dagenham Council
142. Places for People
141. Theatres Trust
140. English Cities in the Core Cities Group
139. Generation Rent
138. Intergenerational Foundation
137. North East Chamber of Commerce
136. London Borough of Islington
135. Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations
134. Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
133. Councillor Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing, Hackney Council
132. Architects for Social Housing (ASH)
131. Peabody
130. Quakers in Britain
129. South Norfolk Council
128. Jack Straw, Chair of the Surrey Planning Working Group
127. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
126. The City of London Law Society - further submission
125. Anonymous
124. Cllrs Duffin and Hannaford, Cabinet Members of Cornwall Council
123. Cllr Gary Suttle, Leader of Purbeck District Council
122. Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
121. East London Housing Partnership
120. Camden Association of Street Properties
119. Longlife Housing Co-operative Limited
118. The City of London Law Society
117. Legal Services, Birmingham City Council
116. London Borough of Camden Council
115. Lewes Price, Ex Health and Safety consultant on fire prevention
114. Leila Allen
113. London Borough of Barnet Council
112. Northern Housing Consortium
111. Rescue (The British Archaelogical Trust)
110. A secure housing association tenant in London
109. Hatch Row Housing Co-op
108. Rosemary C Rylands
107. London Councils
106. Leeds GATE
105. Citizens Advice Milton Keynes
104. National Housing Federation
103. Shelter
102. HARAH (Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing)
101. Red Kite Community Housing
100. SHOUT and TPAS
99. National Grid
99. Bristol City Council
98. Locality
97. Office of the City Remembrancer, City of London Corporation
96. The Law Society of England and Wales
95. Fairhazel Housing Co-operative
94. London Tenants Federation
93. Historic England
92. Ruston Planning Limited
91. Showmen's Guild of Great Britain
90. Federation of Master Builders
89. APPG Gypsies Travellers Roma
88. TPAS
87. Future Housing Review
86. Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA)
85. A carer of a secure housing association tenant in London (submitter wishes to remain anonymous)
84. Mulberry Housing Co-op
83. Coin Street Secondary Housing Co-operative and Coin Street 52.
82. Community Builders
81. Iroko Housing Group
80. Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland
79. Age UK
78. Paul Hodge
77. London Gypsy and Traveller Unit
76. National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups
75. Waverley Eighth Housing Co-op
74. David Cox, Managing Director, Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)
73. Richard Max and Co Solicitors, specialising in Planning and 62. Compulsory Purchase law
72. Alison Heine, Heine Planning Consultancy
71. Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association Ltd
70. Heathview Housing Cooperative
69. Tom McCready
68. Michael Hargreaves Planning
67. Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group
66. The Traveller Movement
65. Hereford Travellers Support
64. Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA)
63. Home Group
62. Mid Sussex District Council
61. Solihull Council
60. Shelter
59. Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
58. Cllr Philippa Roe, Leader, on behalf of Westminster City Council
57. Mayor of London's office, Greater London Authority (Annex A: Breakdown of Social Housing Types in London by Borough/ Annex B: shared ownership completions map)
56. Councillor Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing, Hackney Council
55. The Riverside Group Ltd
54. Friends, Families and Travellers
53. Association of Rural Communities
42. Association of Retained Council Housing
51. Community Law Partnership
50. Leasehold Knowledge Partnership
49. Electrical Safety First
48. Retirement Housing Group
47. Council of Mortgage Lenders
46. Sedgemoor District Council
45. London Borough of Tower Hamlets
44. Pearman St Cooperative Ltd
43. Araba Taylor
42. Finsbury Park Housing Co-operative
41. Wildlife and Countryside Link
40. The Woodland Trust
39. Campaign to Protect Rural England
38. Chartered Institute of Housing
37. Town and Country Planning Association
36. Miller Walk Housing Co-operative Ltd
35. Rentplus
34. Gary Jones
33. Capsticks LLP
32. Vine Housing Co-operative
31. Edward Henry House Co-operative
30. Mike Kiely, Chair of the Board, Planning Officers Society
29. Campaign for the Abolition of Residential Leasehold (CARL)
28. Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)
27. Emily Moore
26. Michael Pollard
25. Phillip Purves
24. Crisis
23. Ruth and Bryan Haines
22. Paul Stockton
21. Residential Landlords Association
20. National Infrastructure Planning Association
19. Written Evidence: Milton Keynes Council
18. Social Housing Under Threat (SHOUT)
17. Leathermarket JMB
16. Daniel Scharf
15. Housing Law Practitioners Association
14. London First
13. Joseph Rowntree Foundation
12. One Housing
11. Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP
10. Palm Housing Co-operative
9. National Housing Federation
8. Roger and Jane Clemas, Directors of Berrow Developments Ltd
7. Country Land and Business Association Limited (CLA)
6. Pocket Living Ltd
5. David Vickery
4. Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT)
3. British Property Federation
2. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1. National Federation of ALMOs

Read these written submissions to the Committee here:

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