Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Diary of an activist The Royal Minted some

Diary of an activist
 it's late I'm tired we're sieged in the Royal Mint.near Tower bridge ancient place of our  ancestors, of gathering for spring equinox for the people of these islands .

Strange feeling being seiged into a building.Denied food where it should be a right to come and go from a  building  lawfully and legally occupied.
 Going to get up early tomorrow to finish the guardian comment is free article.
 Lack of sleep on these things is usual,know that we are creating waves for a better future.

A future where everyone has a home where We live in a more sustainable way with the ecosystem which we are apart.

It has been an adventure the last few days it has been a mission. 
Part of the ongoing battle to raise awareness of the need for homes, for shelter is a basic human right we should continue the fight until we have a home or are free to roam.

Just had my fifth Face book account closed down this happens when you put out too much environmental social or political information, it's one the reasons I started this blog originally.
Knowing they could not shut it down so I still have a voice.
This is the voice of the voiceless a voice for the homeless, the dispossessed.
Voice for those who do not have tongues to speak for the animals and all the other beings who share our ecosystem with us.
we are consuming this planet at a rate of three planets are current rates of consumption we need system change not climate change.
Time to rearrange create the change within ,start the change without.
Time to rearrange create the change within start the change without,time for action create a new situation,reclaim the power reclaim the love comes from above and below from within and without, spread the love all about.
Keep networking one love Phoenix relentless networker for people and planet.
Ps sounds like mark and the county bailiffs are going to get charged for illegal eviction and assault for unlawfully dragging people out of the other building today.
Watch this space 

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