Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yorkley Court farmers enjoy stay of execution - for now | Gloucester Citizen #olsx @occupynn

Yorkley Court farmers enjoy stay of execution - for now | Gloucester Citizen

Eco-warriors were left waiting in vain to be evicted from the land they have lived on for nearly three years.
Members of Yorkley Court Community Farm, legal observers and community supporters of the group gathered outside the entrance of the farm yesterday morning to wait for the arrival of the bailiffs.
Following a ruling at Gloucester and Cheltenham County Court last month, property developer Brian Bennett is now the legal owner of the land and has issued the farmers with eviction papers promising the arrival of bailiffs at the farm at 10am.
In preparation the farmers had already built a 10 metre high defensive tower at the entrance in Yorkley Lane to prevent anyone entering the site without permission.
Police liason officers were also on site to keep the peace.
However, just after 11.30am two county court bailiffs attempted to enter the site to the rear using a footpath.
According to one of the residents living on the farm they were sent to carry out an assessment of the site in order to determine the most efficient and safe way to carry out an eviction as the farmers are determined not to leave quietly.
Eli, who is a member of Yorkley Court Community Farm, said: "They haven't shown up at the time they said they would so at this time they are wasting police time and resources.
"There is no way they can carry out a safe and legal eviction today but we have asked people to be legal observers anyway just in case they decide to try something.
"The most amazing thing about this situation is the huge amounts of support we have received from the local community.
"We have had people bringing us sandwiches and cake and materials to help us continue living on the land sustainably.
"The local community wants us here so they will continue to support us."
Stella, a local resident, arrived at the site around 8am to bring the group breakfast.

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