Thursday, 23 April 2015

Support Phoenixs Projects and networking Use DONATE button on the blog.Crowd fund it innit Many actions this year need some funds #olsx @occupynn #housingaction

Hi folks if you like the work that Phoenix and the network have been doing over the last 20 years,then now is the time to support the cause.DONATE

(the donate button is top right hand side of the home page)

We have been running frontline squatted environmental community centres that have helped untold people.
Helping to house people,provide advise and support.

Taking direct action to help people and planet,support the environment and Mother Nature in many places where the earth is being ravaged and destroyed.

Networking people ideas,projects and solutions for a better future.
Weaving a web of peoples resistance to corporate slaughter of our planets resources.

Planting seeds of a better future through collective action, our network has helped to seed,support and  create numerous eco and social projects over the years.

This year there are many actions events and fronts that need support.

From community centre projects, to Eco villages, squats, homeless projects, solutions networking etc

This blog is read by many people across the Globe, averaging around 4-500 views a day.
It amazes me that it is read by large numbers in the USA,Russia,Ukraine,Germany,France,Spain,Italy,Ireland
and as far away as China,Korea,India and Brazil.

To keep the actions and events going costs, to pay phone bill,travel,buy equipment and tech.
Pay for petrol to actions and events etc etc

We would like to do more Live streaming from the front lines, unfortunately my data contract has been cut down so can no longer livestream the exciting adventures as they happen.

£15/month would pay for a sim that has unlimited data or a few hundred would mean i could buy back my old phone contract unlimited data.

Any amount would be appreciated and would go a long way,being used in sustainable way.

This year we have a MAJOR Campaign about CIVIL LIBERTIES and LAND RIGHTS at an eco village of 3 years that is next to the Magna Carta memorial, so will stoke international debate on civil liberties in the media.

Also we plan a major push to network environmental and social SOLUTIONS through

PLEASE DONATE and drop me an email to say something about what you like about the blog and what you do.....keep networking viva the resistance for a better future for all.
One day we will all have homes.....

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