Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Barnet Bugle - Newsreel - Video: JW3 / London Jewish Forum F Mike Freer Anti Squatting MP and Sarah Sackman (Lawyer who helped save the Library) have ruck over Occupy 40 mins in

The Barnet Bugle - Newsreel - Video: JW3 / London Jewish Forum F

Phoenixs comment on article

"Mike Freer still punting out the LIE that you could squat someones home while on holiday or down the shops.Complete fear mongering.The Displaced Residential Occupier part of Criminal Law Act 1977 prevents someone from occupying someones home while on holiday or shopping.

"A Displaced Residential Occupier is where a residential owner is living in a dwelling and comes back (e.g. from shopping or a holiday) and finds squatters who won’t leave, then these individuals (the owners) are protected by the criminal law under section 7 Criminal Law Act.
If officers are satisfied that the home owner is a Displaced Residential Occupier then they can arrest the trespassers and no referral to civil courts for eviction is required."

The law he based on this LIE that was repeated by many mainstream media outlets,has led to untold misery and a housing crisis,spiralling out of control when there are 1.5 million empty buildings in the UK.

When MPs lie like this what recourse have the poorest in our society but to take creative and peaceful direct action,camping on his front yard,incidentally,invited by his constituency office workers to peacefully protest there.
All we asked was that the MP for the area these homeless people lived in ,would come out and talk to the people he was supposed to represent.Accounting for his misrepresentation of the issues,and undemocratic criminalisation of the most vulnerable in our society.
96% of the replies to the governments consultation on criminalisation of squatting,said DO NOT criminalise.This included:Judges and lawyers associations,Police, Housing and homeless associations and charities.Where has the Democracy gone,that is why many young people have given up on lying politicians who will say anything to get into power,then not fulfil their promises,no wonder many have turned to the direct action movement. 
One day all will have a home,when some of the 1.5 million empty buildings are recycled.
Mike Freer does not dare to meet with homeless squatting groups for he knows he would be called out on his lies."

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