Friday, 17 April 2015

Phoenix rising International people read this blog in so many countries, lets hope it spreads the ripples of a better future...rise like LIONS Freedom for all #olsx @occupynn #housingaction

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
Czech Republic

It never cease to amaze me the people who read this blog across the world.
Get organised in your area,create community centres and spaces, organise, network ,share resources create the future you want to see.
Reclaim the Power now is the hour.
Homes for All land for all. Turn the world upside down and reorganise.
Create sustainable communities, direct democracies in the squares and work places.
The current system is poisoning your air and water supply, fracking and oil oligarchies controlling the so called democratic parties. 
Create the sustainable futures you want to see,take action every day for  a better future.

Recalaim the streets ,reclaim the hills and valleys, reclaim the houses, reclaim the Future, 

Rise like lions, 
"don't know how much i got left but their is a spark of a phoenix within each one of you,reclaim your power, share resources for people and planet , co-operate on solutions.other worlds are possible, time for action before they poison the last river,chop down the last tree.

The power is in you and me, withdraw your consent from the planet fucking corporations and their government cronies and create the worlds you want to see. visualise the co-operative,sustainable future you want to see, energise it, take action every day and network relentlessly for a better future,.
One love and resistance Phoenix
Rise like lions in un vanquishable number.......tomorrow belongs to the people.....awaken to a
 new dawn a co-operative sustainable future were we care for it planet fuckers ...innit...

Get in touch or donate button on front page to support the cause of a brighter future .....
Other worlds are possible ,Rainbow Tribe feel the Vibe 

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