Thursday, 2 April 2015

Ofcom and The Prostitute State gag the Green Party.

Ofcom and The Prostitute State gag the Green Party.

Ofcom and The Prostitute State gag the Green Party by Donnachadh McCarthy 
I could not sleep hardly at all last night. 
What kept me awake was a very normal sounding sentence that followed the Radio 4 News bulletin yesterday announcing that the General Election campaign had started. 
The announcer quoted a short statement from the leaders of the Tory, Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP parties.
I waited but there was no statement from the Green Party leader. 
It was then that I suddenly realised that The Prostitute State, had via our media “regulator” Ofcom, potentially succeeded in keeping the horrifically urgent climate-crisis off the media agenda, for this crucial general election, the last one where we can seriously do something signifcant in time. 
This is because I realised that, now that we are in general election mode, the broadcast media including the BBC (but not the right wing billionaire owned papers) by law have to give equal time to the “major” parties. 
But Ofcom (our supposed media “regulator” had shamefully recently ruled that UKIP was a major party but not the Greens (who have more MEPs than the Lib Dems and who are running neck and neck with them in the polls are not a major party.)

When you add this to my realisation, last week, during Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week, that ALL five of the corrupt 5 billionaires who control over 80% of our newspapers, are criminal climate-crisis deniers.

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