Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Election 2015: Ken Loach launches 'radical' Left Unity manifesto in a Squat- BBC News

Election 2015: Ken Loach launches 'radical' Left Unity manifesto - BBC News

Political press conferences in central London are not rare. Political press conferences in squats in abandoned offices in central London are.
That's the setting Left Unity chose for its manifesto launch on Tuesday. The use of the venue was to highlight the "terrible crisis" in housing, said the party's national secretary Kate Hudson.
An old office building in Soho, a group of squatters has been here for five weeks. They could be forced to leave any day after a court order authorising their eviction was granted, one said. 
Left Unity was set up last year, partly inspired by the rise of left-wing parties in Greece and Spain. It is standing ten candidates at the general election. 
Its most high-profile member is Ken Loach, the Kes and Cathy Come Home director, who said at the manifesto launch that the party is "against the logic of the market" which he believes has "failed in every respect".

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