Thursday, 19 March 2015

Phoenix reply to guardian comments on Russel Brand Sleep over article #olsx @occupynn

There are many issues raised in this article,beyond peoples opinion
on Russel Brand.We need a proper national housing debate with action taken to create homes for all.
Be realististic Demand the (NOT) Impossible now.
There are 1.5 million empty buildings in the UK (empty Homes Agency Figures from a few years ago) Thats 900,000 empty residential buildings and 600,000 non residential or commercial buildings.
There are 110,000 homeless people officially declared,and quoted in news papers around the Xmas eve Love activists eviction.
So thats nearly 15 empty buildings for every homeless person.

The figure for "hidden homeless" is nearer 400,000 those families in bed and breakfast,sofa surfing,staying with relatives and friends in overcrowded situations.
So even that figure means that there are over 3 buildings for every homeless person.

The housing crisis is a fabrication, a false creation,yes a "confection" a sweet cake deal for the property developers and landlords who with the government and bankers have conspired to restrict the supply of housing (and Land) to keep rents and prices high.

The recent criminalisation of residential squatting has further plunged the housing situation into desperate and disastrous situation.Sold by a few newspapers Goebellian lie that "squatters  take peoples homes, while on Holiday."
UNTRUE Displaced residential occupier law 1977 says u can't. Youll be arrested immediately.

As squatters we know and regularly see the untold empty buildings across london and the uk that lie empty for 5-10 years.
Property that is brought up as an investment,houses ceasing to become homes,but merely banking investments.
The way our system is set up encourages this.
We could recycle some of the 1.5 million empty buildings into homes,community projects and work spaces creating homes and employment.Reducing the vastly inflated prices of rents and property.
The average working  Londoner is being forced out of London,by the spiralling price rises.

If you take a london wide perspective from the New Era Estate (which Russel supported to victory) to the Carpenters estate ,Focus  E15 Mums,The Aylesbury estate,The Guinness estate and many others across the capital families who have lived here for generations are being socially cleansed.
Told to move away to Manchester,Birmingham or Hastings,far from schools,jobs,and most importantly community support networks of relatives and friends for their growing families.

There is a mass housing protest movement building, of tenants,renters,squatters,travellers,homeless,the dispossessed created by the recent laws on squatting and the government and their banker friends incessant drive for profit before people.
This is just the beginning,there will be many more occupations this year,enough is enough we need to organise our society to help and house people and live sustainably with the planet.
This is a movement of ordinary people being pushed to the limit.

Big up Russel Brand, at least he is one of the famous celebrity peeps that is willing  to use his fame and position to highlight the plight of ordinary Londoners.
This housing movement is resurrecting the Blitz spirit,we will not see the profit before people developers,destroy the homes and communities that have taken generations to create.
I recently attended the Brick lane debates one of the most powerful community organising meeting I've attended in 25 years of activism,not since the days of the Criminal Justic act 1995 have i seen such a diversity of groups ,passion and pure fire from so many enraged groups.
There were over 250 people from 30-40 groups,tenants associations,social housing groups,estate occupiers, from aylesbury to Guiness,action east end,Hackney renters,west Hendon residents,Housing action Lambeth and Southwark,Love activists,several squatting groups,Squash,Radical Housing network,Lewisham homeless persons,london Black Revs,Green Party,Socialist groups,Communist groups,Class war,Generation rent #housingaction,Carpenters Estate group (who won) and many many more.

The atmosphere was electric,so many groups and so much energy.
Each groups speaking with passion and fire in their voices,enough is enough  east end folk to all points of the compass saying we will not be moved and we are going to take action and start to occupy more...with the help of the activists and the squatters....this is just the beginning.
NB the recent law on squatting in residential buildings is proving ineffectual in the face of mass residential occupations over the last year the police have not been able to enforce this Draconian and dictatorial law,as the protests are not "living in the buildings ,but occupying as a housing protest on a rotating basis"
Hopefully we can look back in 10-20 years, from a future were everyone has access to decent accommodation.
The Homes for All dream from the squatters of the 70s become a reality.
No one need be homeless with 1.5 million empty buildings,lets organise for a better future.Take action
Next Brick Lane debate Sunday 22nd March 1-7pm Karibu Centre 7 Gresham rd Brixton SW9


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