Friday, 20 March 2015

Guardian comment exposesSweets Way developers Annington Homes (Owned By Terra Firma) as Tax Avoiding friends of the Tory Party what a surprise #olsx @occupynn

The story behind the story is - who owns Annington? They are called Terra Firma. Who are they and what connections do they have to sitting parliamentarians? Look for yourself, it's quite simple, almost trivial to find. This is really no different to the fat healthcare contracts or the academies. The politicians currently in power are siphoning off as much as possible, in all areas, to their cohorts and themselves. It's not about deficits, right vs left, trusting the private sector, Britain paying its way, etc. It's about personal enrichment under the guise and protection of a dogma that ordinary British people support and trust. Foolishly, mind, but it's hardly our fault when we have another section of the vested interests protecting it and controlling the debate through necessity and systemic preservation. (read: The media)
William Hague was best man of a director of Terra Firma. Which by the way, are also shielded from pretty much any UK tax as they are based in the Caymans. Says it all.
The system is rotten and too easily exploited.
This will fall on deaf ears, and I doubt any of this will be played forward until it is to late, but can a journo/media entity please investigate the connections behind all of this and report on it. Yes people are losing their homes, yes developers are making massive profits - but the most important pieces behind all of this are that current, sitting politicians are directly profiting from it and as a further fuck you to any kind of justice on civil contribution, the majority of the profit made by the companies and their stake holders will avoid tax. Economically this will lead to peril.
This is happening all over - schools, healthcare, housing, infrastructure.
The system is headed for collapse. I'd wager it is only 5 years away. Public services will not exist. They will cost more in the hands of these entities and no tax will be received from their profits of providing said services either. Britain will be left with a tax base of lower and middle class workers, trying to support a swollen horde of private corporations that provide us services without contributing anything themselves - but they have the iron clad contracts, and the ear of the ruling parties to ensure they ALWAYS get paid. In fact, as long as TTIP comes through, which it likely will - they can even sue US and the government to make sure they get paid.
Watch this space.

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