Saturday, 28 March 2015

Grangegorman complex squat in Dublin needs support Violent Eviction attempts by Ernst and Young #olsx

Hey folks,

I hope it's ok to email you out of the blue like this.

Members  of my community are facing sudden, violent and unlawful
eviction by  Garda-backed thugs hired by a Ernst & Young. Many have
been badly  injured, suffering broken legs and concussions while many
more are left  severly traumatised.

Their personal property has been  stolen, their homes ransacked and
their bodies beaten, all for a  developer who has been leaving this
property to rot for the last 6 years  before it was occupied and
worked on by the squatters.

"I  am extremely stressed at the prospect of losing my home and
severally  traumatised by the brutality that took place yesterday.
Today I haven't  been capable of doing much other than puke and cry.
Tomorrow looks like  it's going to be a rough day for us and we really
need people to come  out and support us. Please if you have any time
to spare join us."

"People are seriously injured. People almost died. For a property
For updates and further information about the Grangegorman complex
check out these websites:

Resist Grangegorman's Eviction FB
Workers Solidarity Movement FB
Also if you have a spare moment please sign the petition:

The Irish State: Stop the eviction of the Grangegorman squatted
community Dublin

There  is a vibrant community who are occupying a vacant property in
Grangegorman, Dublin City. They have provided an artist space,
community  garden, event space, home to up to 30 people and space for
green  technologies among other things. The wider community in Dublin
has  benefited greatly from this space over the past year and a half,
and we  would petition the Irish State to preserve this community.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Slán go foil,

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